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Jacuzzi® HTA Whirlpool Bath Jet Nut 1645000 4 1/2 Inch Hole

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Jacuzzi® HTA Whirlpool Bath Jet Nut part number 1645000 requires 4 1/2 inch hole size.

Used with Jacuzzi® HTA jet assembly.

Replaces part numbers 1645000 , 2540-331.


1 Screw, JWB HTA/AMH, 8-32 x 1/2" 3967000
2 Venturi Handle, JWB HTA, White 7277940
3 Clamp Ring, JWB HTA, White 7758940
3 Clamp Ring, JWB HTA, Gray 7758953
4 Gasket, JWB HTA, Clamp Ring 1928000
5 Nozzle, JWB HTA, Fixed, White 4881940
5 Nozzle, JWB HTA, Fixed, Almond 4881914
7 Compensator Ring, Wall Thickness, JWB HTA 1925000
8 Nut, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath, HTA Jet, 4-1/2" Hole Size 1645000
9 Jet Cmplt,JacWhirl HTA,4-1/2"hs,Dir,Smth,Wht, a1/2"s,1 1/2"s 4870940
9 Jet Cmplt, JWB HTA,4-1/2"hs,Dir,Smth,Almnd,a1/2"s,w1-1/2"spg 4870914

Replacement Parts for the HTA Jet Assembly
To replace the Swivel Assembly and Venturi Handle: Hole size 4-1/2"
Remove 3 screws securing clamping ring and gasket from jet body. Pull swivel ring B (see detail) away from swivel to expose retaining screw A. Remove screw A from swivel. Turn Venturi C counterclockwise until it is unscrewed and free from the swivel. Install new swivel assembly, securing it with clamping ring, gasket and 3 screws. Screws are properly tightened when the swivel assembly can still be manually moved from side to side, but tight enough to allow the Venturi handle to be turned to adjust water without turning the swivel. To install the handle, align the two portions of the swivel assembly with the notches on the handle and snap it on. NOTE: When installed, the handle is permanently in place attempting to remove it will damage the snap-on feature of the handle

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