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LA Spas Spa Filter Cartridge AK-90107 20 SqFt FC-0303 5CH-203 PLAS35

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  • LA Spas Spa Filter Cartridge AK-90107
  • 3 inch threaded bottom hole filter
  • spa filter LA spa sock


filter over 9 inches tallDISCONTINUED , see Outpost Filter H50201 or PLAS35


20 sq. ft. AK-90107 20 sq.ft. replacement spa cartridge filter.

  • Diameter: 5-3/8 Inches
  • Length: 9 3/8 Inches
  • Bottom: 3 Inches MPT (threaded - male pipe thread - fine threads)
  • Top: Handle
    Top ID: Posi Grip Handle
    Replaces Skim Basket

This is the AK-90107 that is compatible with Pleatco PLAS35 spa filters and also compatible with FC-0303, 5CH-203, AK-90107.
Replaces 301383 , 432535 , 4900-439 , 5CH-203 , 645544003034 , FC-0195 , FC-0303 , FC-0303-HB , PC-0303 , PLAS35 , PLE-051-9233 , PPM50SC , SC745.

Save even more with the compatible replacement Outpost Filter H50201 with Reemay filter media.

This filter type is found in LA Spas hot tub filter assemblies and hot tubs. Replace your spa cartridge filters annually and rinse, clean them per manufacturer's instructions .

* Note other sites may say this is 7 inches, but we actually measured! It's 9 3/8" inches long from the tip of the handle to the bottom of the threaded connector.

width filter over 5 inches

The actual filter body is still 8 1/4" long (plus the bottom threaded section and the top handle - total length 9 3/8")

This is Baleen model AK-90107 brand new factory shrink-wrapped filter. Don't get somebody else's dirty filter in the mail. This is a brand new factory wrapped filter.

This 20 sq.ft. filtter is the L.A. Spas sock filter substitue. that also replaces 5CH-203, PLAS35 and FC-0303. This is quality Reemay filter media.

3 inch hole bottom

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