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Leak Sealer

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Liquid leak sealer for hot tub spas fixes minor hot tub leaks.

SeaKlear model 1140204 Leak Sealer comes in a 1 pint bottle. SeaKlear Spa Leak Sealer seals minor leaks in a hot tub where water loss is less than about 1 inch of the water level per day.

Use 10 ounces of SeaKlear Spa Leak sealer per 500 gallons of water.

Leak Sealer's unique composition allows for maximum effectiveness in 24 hours and seals minor leaks in spas and hot tubs.  It's reliable, safe, economical and fast - get your Leak Sealer now!

Of course if you can identify the leak, it is best to fix the leak at its source. See our hot tub plumbing section for PVC parts and manifolds you may need to complete a plumbing repair.

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