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Leisure Time Complete Water Care Kit Chlorine Free Biguanide

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Discontinued ITEM = we still offer the Bromine based care kit.

Leisure Time new water care kit complete with large sample sizes.

This item has been DISCONTINUED. See our spa chemicals for chlorine, bromine, mineral and enyme based water treatment solutions.


This assortment of full sized bottles will get you started with hot tub maintenance for chlorine free and bromine free hot tubs.

This is a biguanide based sanitizer

Chlorine and Bromine Free Leisure Time Water Care Kit contains:

  • Leisure Time Free Sanitizer 16 oz. bottle chlorine/bromine free
  • Boost 1 Qt. bottle liquid non-chlorine shock
  • Control 1 Qt. bottle stain and scale remover
  • Fast Gloss 16 oz. bottle cleaning product
  • Test Strips for the Free System 50 test strips

About FREE: This 100% chlorine and bromine-free system is gentle on eyes, hair, skin and swimsuits

Free test strips test for Sanitizer (Free), PH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness (not for use with chlorine or bromine systems).

We also offer chlorine and bromine based spa care kits.



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