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Life Bromine Dispenser 1930

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  • newly designed spa chemical floating dispenser
  • Life Bromine Dispenser 1930
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Life Bromine Dispenser 1930 is a newly designed chemical dispenser for spas.


For use with spas, hot tubs and small pools. Full size, great price.

This model offers 5 level flow adjustments and a pop up indicator to let you know when the dispenser is empty and new chlorine/bromine tablets need to be added.

this item replaces the discontinued item below as well

life chemical dispenser

Features easy access for bromine tab refill without the need to readjust the feeder or fully unwind the stem. Has a fully adjustable flow and erosion control.


Instructions for use:

  • Remove bottom cap from dispenser
  • Fill feeder tube with chlorine or bromine tablets or sticks
  • Replace bottom cap and adjust to desired setting - secure with lock ring
  • Read complete instructions included with dispenser


Monitor spa water with test strips (or a chemical monitoring kit) and adjust feeder level accordingly.


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