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Master Spa Parts

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Hot tub parts for Master Spas from pump, filters, covers and pillows, to steps, cover lifters and spa accessories are on sale at Hot Tub Outpost.

Master Spas

Master Spas is an American manufacturer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you have a swim spa - chances are it is from Master Spas, as they are the largest swim spa manufacturer in the world. They are also a large hot tub and portable spa builder. Master Spas are sold around the US as well as in 30 other countries. This award winning company is a member of the International Hot Tub Association and has received an A+ accredited business rating from the Better Business Bureau.


spa parts listMaster Spa Parts List

Spa parts are available for both the mail line of Master Spas and the Down East line.  Master Spas has made a point of putting their own part numbers on a host of manufactured parts including jet parts, pillows, filters and controls.


Pillow: Flat charcoal pillow - 2009+


spa filter master10 sq ft Eco Pur Compatible Microban Replacement Filter

30 sq.ft. filter Master Spas Pleatco

40 sq.ft. filter Master Spas - Down East

60 sq.ft.filter Master Spas Pleatco

Filter Standpipe Assembly (threaded) for 2004+ models

When it comes to filters, Master Spas uses the Eco Pur Filter concept of a filter inside another filter on some models.

Filter lids are used at the top of many skim filter compartments in black, grey or granite.

hto heaters onsaleHeaters

Since Master Spas uses Balboa equipment, the heaters are also Balboa, Therm Products and Balboa compatible. 

Typically systems will have a 4kw or 5.5kw heater either of the M7 type (without pressure switch) or the older systems with 3kw,4kw and 5.5kw heaters with pressure switch.

Those older heaters use a pressure switch and a sensor assembly.


2HP 230V Dura-Jet Pump

Master Spas also uses Sta-Rite Pumps, Pentair (Balboa) and Aqua-Flo Pumps as the main spa pump.

24 hour circulation pumps are used from Aqua-Flo but also the Tiny Might from Waterway is found in select Master Spas models.

master spa overlay panelCircuit Boards- Controls

MAS260 Circuit Board

MAS425 Control Panel

MAS560 Legend Circuit Board 2002-2003

MP20 Control Panel Overlay

master mas circuit boardsCircuit Board Cross Reference - Master Spas - Balboa

MAS425 52364 MAS425
MAS260 52532 MAS260
MAS460 52551 MAS460
MS5000 54492 MS5000
MS1000 53260-02 MS1000
VS 501 53620 / 54355 VS
MAS125 50991 MAS125
MAS560 52562 MAS560
MAS470 52757 MAS470
MAS25 52000 MAS25
MAS75 53062 MAS75
MAS100 53065-01 MAS100
MAS200 50973 MAS200
MAS150 53609 MAS150
MAS225 51786 MAS225
MAS300 50975 MAS300
MAS400 52185 MAS400
MAS500 52177 MAS500
MAS525R1A 52334 MAS525R1A
MAS501M2 53958 MAS501M2
VS 510 Pack 53650 VS
MAS550 52332 MAS550
MS1500 54494 MS1500
MS2000 52959 MS2000
MS8000 54418/53232 MS8000
FST Current X551860 FST

Many circuit boards used in Master Spas are made by Balboa Water Group as well just like the control panels and packs.

Jets and Plumbing Parts

Many jets in Master Spas like the Cyclone jets are Pentair or G&G Industries (both now Balboa) and Waterway.  Master Spas have customized some of the jets with their own logo added to the standard jet such as found on the Min-Storm and Poly-Storm jets.

The actual plumbing parts like unions and couplings are standard issue.

Misc Master Spa Parts

Transformers, fuses and other parts are available for Master Spa Balboa control systems.


Replacement light parts include 12v and 120v control boxes as well as the cables and light bulbs.  Master Spas have used both fiber optic and LED lighting systems.


Many Master Spa models use the Del Ozonator type APG-U compatible with X320050 and has a white 4 pin AMP cord. These ozonators were used on Down East Spas (2005-2007) as well as Freedom Spas, Legend Series Master Spas and Twilight Series spas (2014).

The other popular ozonator type use was the Balboa 120v/230v ozonator X300015 compatible with BAL52468.

We offer spa parts that fit several Master Spa hot tub brands including Down East Spas, Clarity, Contractor Spas, Freedom Spas, Getaway hot tubs,Healthy Living hot tubs, Legacy Whirlpools, Legend Series by Master Spas and Twilight series spas.

Troubleshooting Master Spas

master spa hottub jetsFirst, check the Master Spas manual that came with the spa for basic troubleshooting tips.

q questionMy Master Spa doesn't have any power?
A: Is there anything on the control panel like an error message? That would be the first clue. Otherwise, did the GFCI or house breaker trip?  If there is no power at all and nothing on the display, then maybe a circuit breaker popped in the main panel, or the GFCI disconnected the power for a safety reason. The manufacturer recommends contacting an electrician or service company if the spa is unresponsive.  That does involve electrical troubleshooting and isolating the component that is causing issues.  There may not be anything wrong with the spa at all if the problem is upstream from the hot tub - such as at the disconnect box/GFCI, wiring, circuit breaker or even house supply.

q question My Master Spa works, but the water's cold - Spa Not Heating
A: Well, unless it is a very hot summer day, having a cold hot tub is no fun at all.  If there is really a problem with the spa heater like a short circuit, then the GFCI breaker should trip.  If the GFCI did not trip and the spa is not heating, is there an error message on the control panel that can provide a clue? If so, check out the diagnostics are in the manual.  Next, be sure you are actually calling for heat (the set temperature is higher than the current water temperature) and that you are in standard mode (instead of some sleep mode or economy mode, where the spa will only heat during the filter cycle time).  Is the filter clean?  Is the main circulation pump working at all? (either a circulation pump or Pump 1 jet pump that pumps the water through the heater). Is there an air lock in the line? Are any service valves closed or half closed? Does the spa have a heat symbol, heat light indicator or other heat message on the control panel signalling that it is trying to active the heater?  On some Balboa system control panels, a little thermometer will light up showing that the spa is in heat mode, or on other panels it will be a little red light.  If it is on, wait about an hour or two and see if the temperature changes.  Those are some things to check for before needing to call a service tech.  You may need a new heater, new sensors, a new circuit board or other component.  Need a new heater? Hot Tub Outpost carries the largest selection of replacement spa heaters in the West!

q questionMy Jets are Sputtering - Sluggish Jets
A: Is the pump on? Of course it is, how can they be sputtering if it's not on? Is the water level about midway up the skimmer at the recommended level?  Are the jets on? Many jets have an adjustable ring around the outside of them where you can manually adjust the strength of the individual jet.  Also is there a diverter valve that moves water from a whirlpool jet to the other jets? If so, that also needs to be adjusted to get more power at the jet(s) in question.  Is the filter clogged or dirty? Rinse the filter off every couple of weeks to improve filter performance and deep clean it at least once every couple of months with an overnight filter soak solution.

q questionCloudy Spa Water
A: If your spa water doesn't look like in the Master Spas commercials, you may have a water problem that needs to be adjusted. If the water is cloudy, sounds like you have alot of total dissolved solids (TDS), shampoos/lotions/detergents or a pH imbalance.  If there are excess organics in the water, use a non-chlorine shock treatment.  If there are many dissolved chemicals, try a clarifier like Sparkle.  Check the pH and sanitizer level with a test strip or test kit and adjust pH to be between 7.2-7.6.  Rinse the filter off regularly. Oh, and if the water's been in there for 4 months or longer, drain and refill.


Master Spas Models

Master Spas manufacturers several series including the luxurious/ therapeutic Michael Phelps Legend, and Twilight Series. They also sell the value priced Clarity Spas and mid-range Healthy Living Hot Tubs. Sizes go from 2 to 9 persons, with many additional options and features available. Master Spas also makes two versions of swim spas: the H2X and the Michael Phelps series, including such models as Impact, Force, Momentum and Signature Swim Spas.

Hot Tub Outpost carries Master Spas spare parts including pumps, circuit boards, topside controls, heaters, jets and plumbing parts. We also offer great prices on replacement spa filters, hot tub covers, pillows, chemicals, accessories and more.

Get free shipping for orders over $95 to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Master Spas Series and Models

Michael Phelps Legend Series

There are 3 models in the Michael Phelps Legend Series by Master Spas. We carry parts for the LSX 700, LSX 800 and LSX 900. This is a deluxe series with ergonomic seats and jets, high quality construction and a natural filtration system.

master spas hottubTwilight Spa Series

The other deluxe series is Twilight by Master Spas.

There are 10 different models in this series of luxury portable spas.

The smallest is the TS 240, which seats 2-3 persons.  

The TS 67.2 and 67.25 are larger models seating up to 5 persons.

The TS 87.3 also seats 5, but has almost twice as many jets and 3 spa pumps instead of 2.

Larger spas include the TS 7.2, TS 7.24, TS 8.2 and TS 8.3, which seat 6.

The largest spas seat 7, and are models TS 8.25 and TS 8.35.

Healthy Living Hot Tubs by Master Spas

Master Spas mid-range spa series is the Healthy Living Hot Tub line. There are 9 models : The HL 616 and HL 624 each sit up to 3 persons. The HL 620 and HL 630 sit up to 4 persons. The HL 470 seats 5 and the HL 7 seats 6. The largest spas, seating up to 7 persons, are the HL 7.5 and HL 8.5.

Clarity Spas by Master Spas

Master Spas budget line of spas is entitled Clarity Spas. There are 9 spas in this line, starting with the 2 person CLS 415 with 1 pump and 15 jets. The CLS 524 has seating for 3. The other 2 spas with 1 pump are the CLS 730L with seating for 6 and the CLS 730 with seating for 7. For the 2 pump systems, the CLS 738L and CLS 855L have seating for 6, while the CLS 738 and CLS 855 has seating for 7. The largest spa Master Spas makes is the CLS 1055 model, with 2 pumps, 55 jets and seating up to 9 persons.

Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts and accessories for Master Spas including spa pumps, jets, pillows, hot tub covers, heaters, circuit boards, filters, top side controls, suction covers, ozonators and more.

We also carry plumbing parts, electrical components and pump parts.

We offer free shipping in the continental USA for orders over $95, so you might as well throw in some spa chemicals, fragrances, steps, drink trays or other fun items!

question answer hottubContact us at if you need assistance in finding the right spa part or accessory for your Master Spas hot tub - send details/part number/even a picture along with your request if you like. We know you'll want to get back to enjoying your Master Spas hot tub, so we'll get back to you quickly.


Hot Tub Outpost is an independent business entity and is not an agent or affiliate of Master Spas, Inc.