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Maxxus Low EMF Serenity Dual Tech 2-Person Infrared Sauna

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  • 2 person sauna Serenity
  • Serenity infrared cabin 2 person sauna
  • Maxxus Low EMF Serenity Dual Tech 2-Person Infrared Sauna
  • interior sauna view
  • top down view
  • top down view 2
  • The Maxxus infrared sauna comes with built in speakers with MP3 Aux and Bluetooth capability
  • Chromotherapy Lighting is included with your in home sauna.
Now: $2,299.98
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Maxxus Low EMF Serenity Dual Tech 2-Person Infrared Sauna with easy assembly is the perfect, entry level infrared sauna featuring low EMF and mde from Canadian Hemlock wood.

Now on Sale with free shipping.

Dynamic Far Infrared Saunas are known for their reliability, performance and superior health benefits.

This 2 person Maxxus Low EMF model that is 48" wide x 75" tall and 40" deep.

Interior dimensions are 44" wide inside, 68" tall and 36" deep. Perfect for one or two persons to enjoy.

Sauna Details

    Natural hemlock wood construction
    Tempered glass door and 2 full length side windows
    Interior color therapy lighting
    Combination of 6 - Ceramic and Carbon Tech Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon heaters (1 Ceramic and 5 Carbon Heating Panels)
    Standard with Floor - Feet Reflexology Heater
    Roof vent
    Interior/exterior LED control panels
    Music System with Bluetooth and MP3 Aux Connection and 2 dynamic speakers with pre-amp (no radio included)
    Electrical service: 110V/15amp plug & play
    Clasp together assembly
    Sauna weight: 275 lbs.
    Shipping weight: 335 lbs.
    Ships in 3 boxes

    Exterior dimensions (WDH): 48" x 40" x 75"
    Interior dimensions (WDH): 44" x 36" x 68"

Use your session to relax, meditate, and escape from your everyday stress. Enjoy the benefits of your infrared sauna as you detox your body through perspiration.. Using an infrared sauna is easier than you think and they setup easily too.

While traditional saunas heat up the surrounding air to about 185 degrees, which in turn heats you, infrared saunas (also called far-infrared saunas) only reach about 140 degrees maximum ambient temperature, according to a 2009 review of evidence on infrared saunas and cardiovascular health. The actual operating ambient temperature can be lower as the benefits are gained from the infrared heaters. The infrared rays penetrate more deeply into the body, which means you start sweating at a lower temperature than in a traditional sauna. That produces a lighter demand on the cardiovascular system, similar to moderate walking, according to the review, and so might benefit people who are sedentary for medical reasons. It’s also good for people who like the idea of a sauna, but find the high heat unpleasant.

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Manufacturer's limited 5 year warranty
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