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Nordic Hot Tub Pressure Switch 070007 All Models

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Original Tecmark replacement pressure switch as used in most all Nordic hot tubs that use a pressure switch in the control system.

This is the new style pressure switch used for all Nordic Hot Tub models.

Usually located on the hater tube, the switch is a safety mechanism that is required to be in good operation in order for the spa to heat.

  • Elastomeric diaphragm eliminates the need for an oil barrier
  • Insulators designed to protect against direct exposure to live parts
  • 1/8" npt threads - recommended to use teflon tape around threads when installing in the heater pressure switch tap.

This pressure switch converts a pressure signal to an electrical output.

View of connection tabs and adjustment slot.

bottom view nordic pressure switch adjustment

In response to a change in pressure, movement of an elastomeric diaphragm opens or closes an electrical circuit based on a predetermined pressure set point.

pressure switch nordic view

This part number 070007 pressure switch operates between 2 - 2 1/2 lbs. of pressure.

Need teflon tape? Best to wrap the threads of the pressure switch with teflon tape to assure a good seal at the pressure switch tap on the heater manifold.

Also replaces old style switches that look like this on select older Nordic hot tubs.  This is the current model factory supplied pressure switch to use.

old style pressure switch


We also offer 100428 which is a heater tailpiece to connect to heater that has a pressure switch tap for mounting the pressure switch in the case where the pressure switch is not mounted directly to the heater on select Nordic hot tub models.

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