PDC Spa Parts

Plastic Development Company, Inc., PDC Spas is a manufacturer that has been in business since 1957. PDC started by building swimming pools, and then switched to hot tubs in the late 1980s. Located in Williamsport, PA, PDC Spas makes hot tubs and swim spas that are sold in the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland, Russia, Czech Republic and the EU.


PDC Spas makes 3 lines of hot tubs: the LX Series, the SE Series and the River Series. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts and accessories that fit most makes and models of PDC Spas.

PDC Spas LX Series is their deluxe line of hot tubs. There are 6 models seating between 3 and 7 persons. This series has additional upgrades and features including Motion Glow lighting, TemperLok insulation, Cascading water spouts and a 35 year structural warranty. The Reno LX model is a 7’2” spa with 116 jets, dual lounge seats and room for 6. The Fiji LX is a 94” square spa with a lounger, room for 6, 3 spa pumps and 123 jets. The Aruba LX measures 86” x 86” x 37”, with 101 hydrotherapy jets, a lounger, 3 spa pumps, a 1.5 HP bubbler and room for 5 bathers. The Bali LX has room for 7, 140 hydrotherapy jets, contoured seats and 3 spa pumps. PDC’s Biscayne LX spa measures 90” long x 79” wide, with room for 5. It comes outfitted with 102 spa jets, 3 spa pumps, an air blower and contoured seating. The smallest spa in the LX Series is the Cabo LX. This hot tub has room for 3 with 54 spa jets and measures 84” x 60” x 33”.

PDC Spas SE Standard Series is a set of 5 mid-range hot tubs. The Dynasty SE is the smallest model, with 4 seats, 32 jets and 1 spa pump in a 6’10” x 5’7” acrylic shell. The Everest SE model has room for 6 in a 7’10” square spa shell. It comes with 74 stainless steel jets, contoured seats and 2 spa pumps. The Denali SE is a roomy 7 seat spa with a 3’3” depth. It comes with 2 spa pumps, contoured seats and 72 spa jets. The Columbia SE measures 6’4” x 6’4” x 2’7’, with 32 jets and room for 5.   The Boulder SE hot tub also has room for 5, with 69 spa jets, a lounge seat, 2 spa pumps and a 6’10” square shell.

The River Series offers budget priced hot tubs in 5 models for 3-7 persons. The Yukon model has 7 seats, 44 jets, a single and a dual speed spa pump and open seating in a 82” square shell. The Nile hot tub has room for 5 adults, with 2 spa pumps, a lounge seat, 44 jets and an 82” square shell. The Danube spa has 49 jets, a 79” square shell, 2 spa pumps and room for 6. The Amazon hot tub has room for 5, a lounge seat, 32 spa jets and a 76” square shell. The smallest spa of PDC's River Series, the Congo, has room for 3 with 29 jets, a dual speed spa pump and a 60” x 84” x 33” shell.