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Pump Marvel Easy Spa Drain No Electricity

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pump marvel spaDiscontinued -see our other spa draining devices.


Pump marvel hot tub draining device.  Requires no electricity.

No electricity - Pump Marvel spa draining device.

  • No power needed!
  • Safely removes water from hot tubs and pool covers too
  • Removes water down to 1/8” (3 mm)
  • Pumps up to 575 gallons per hour (GPH)
  • Pumps water up to 20 ft. high in case you want to do that
  • 12 ft. discharge hose included with this device
  • No moving parts!
  • NEW Pump Marvel hot tub draining device

The discharge hose is included - but you have to use your own garden hose.

included discharge hose

Follow the simple directions:

directions pump marvel

This device Pumps Water Out of your hot tub!

Pump Marvel is Not a Siphon, it is a True Pump:
  • It doesn’t lose its prime.
  • It can lift discharge water up to 20′ high.
  • Pump Marvel drains 13 times faster than siphoning or draining with a garden hose alone.

pumps water out

 Safely removes water from hot tubs and pool covers - includes 12 ft. discharge hose.

size device hot tub drain

Just 7 inches long, this device makes it easy to drain water from your spa.

The drain hose is included:

hose included drain

101 uses - not just for hot tubs.  This draining device will get rid of standing water wherever it is (well it won't remove the water in a flooded town block, but any home use including the draining of hot tubs and pool covers is perfect).

water pump no electricity

No electricity needed!  Amazing 575 gallons per hour rating. Safer than an electric pump because you are not mixing electricity with water.

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