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QCA Spas Series Part Nr. Equiv Sq Ft Dims Find Filter Here
Dream 25249-800-000 C-4310 10 4L x 4-1/4W 10 sq. ft. Dream Star
Dream, Star 25351-800-000 C-5345 45 10-1/8L x 5-1/4W 45 sq. ft. QCA
Dream, Star 25392-000-000 C-4326 25 13-1/4L x 4-15/16W 25 sq. ft. QCA
Dream, Star 25392-000-100 C-4405 25 6-9/16L x 4-1/4W 25 sq. ft.- Short Filter
Dream, Star,P 25393-000-000 C-4335 35 9-1/4L x 4-15/16W 35 sq. ft. QCA
Jewel,Maj, Perf 25391-000-000 C-4950 50 13-1/4L x 4-15/16W 50 sq. ft. QCA
Maj, Paradise 25359-800-000 C-5397 100 17-3/4L x 5-1/4W Supreme-Moonstone
Paradise,Moonstone   C-6310 100 2009 Older Moonstone 100 sq. ft. QCA Spa Filter

Factory Original QCA Spas Filters

qca-spas-filter-usa.jpgThese hot tub filters are the exact filter used in brand new QCA Spas, not an immitation.  The Reemay filter media assures the best filtration for your QCA Spa.  

Email or contact us if you need assistance in determining which QCA Spa filter is best for your hot tub.  It is best to measure the length and width of your existing filter to be sure you get the right size. 

All QCA Spas filters have a 2 1/8" center hole going through the center of the filter without any threaded connectors attached to the filter. 

QCA Spas filters fit inside the filter canister onto a portruding slip connection/pipe.  Many QCA Spa filter canisters feature a built-in chemical feeder that goes into the center of the filter.

Why are there so many different filter sizes?

Each filter system in a QCA Spa hot tub matches pump flow rate and number of jets along with water volume to come up with the ideal filter media size for optimal filtration of your spa water. 

Smaller spas with less jets such as the Dream Star will have a smaller filter.  Larger spas such as the Paradise Supreme will require a very large filter with more filtration surface area (100 sq. ft.).  

How to replace a filter cartridge on a QCA Spa

Replacing the filter cartridge is easy on your QCA Spa.  Simply shut off the spa, remove the filter lid, remove the chemical feeder if there is one, then pulll out the existing filter. 

Put the new filter in its place, replace the chemical feeder and filter lid.  A few models will have a pressurized filter such as the Amethyst models. For that, first turn off spa and open the pressure release valve.  Then unscrew the filter lock ring and remove lid.  Access and replace filter cartridge and replace pressurized filter lid. Be sure the pressure release valve is closed again and lock the filter lid into place.

Contact us with any questions about replacing your QCA Spas cartridge filter.

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