QCA Spas Manuals

QCA Spas hot tub models are part of many different spa collections.  Here are the main Series of QCA Spas along with the owners manuals.

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Getting Started with your QCA Spa Hot Tub

dreamseriesspasone.jpgDream Series

Most spas in the QCA Spas Dream Series are of the plug and play type.  That means they plug into a 120 volt household power outlet, many at 15A. They come with a GFCI protected power cord and either a soft cover or hard cover.  The Dream Series manual is available below for download.

Star Series
The QCA Spas Star Series is made up of the best value spas money can buy. 

The quality of the components such as the ABS-backed acrylic shell, the Weatherguard all-weather cabinet and the brand name pumps, Balboa electronics and equipment - is the exact same as the high end models. 

Star Series reduces the number of bells and whistles to make these factory direct spas an affordable luxury.  Spas in the Star Series use manuals VS300, VS501 and VS515 below depending on the model.

Jewel Series

Spas of the Jewel Series have mid-range features such as padded pillows, a dedicated drain (although using a submersible pump to empty the spa is much faster anyways), some have an air blower system and other upgrades included.  Typically the jet count goes up in this series as well.  Jewel Series owner's manuals are available below for download. Get all your hot tub chemicals and accessories at the Hot Tub Outpost.

Performance Series Hot TubPerformance Series

Hot Tubs in the Performance Series are well appointed, but do not have an air blower like many spa manufacturers choose not to include.  The resources for this type of spa go toward creating a great hydrotherapy experience with all water jets.  A new member of the Performance series is the 8 person hot tub Gemstone.

Majestic Series

The Majestic Series represents the high end of QCA Spas.  These spas typically include a blower, have padded pillows and additional jetting around the spa. Some have a second jet pump for additional control as well as zone controls.  Deluxe features and a deluxe spa cabinet are included with this series.  Download the Majestic Series owners manual below and get all your Majest Series accessories, filters, chemicals and covers from the Hot Tub Outpost - your factory direct discount source of hot tub parts and supplies online.

Paradise Series

The Paradise Series is made up of a select few spas where no expense has been spared in the design and construction.  Well appointed spas also include unique features such as the patented Wave System or Wave Lounger (Paradise Ultra, Cozumel Ultra).  The wave seat is denoted by "XL" so a Paradise Xl has a wave seat. The Paradise Ultra has both a wave seat and a wave lounger.  XLP denotes an extra pump, so the Paradise Supreme XLP has 3 jet pumps instead of 2, plus a blower.  Download the Paradise Series manual below.

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QCA Spas Manuals (pdf downloadable)

Hot Tub Outpost Owners ManualsHere are some popular QCA Spas owner's manuals for download. (Requires Adobe Acrobat or other pdf reader).

Dream Series Manual (pdf)

Jewel Series Manual (pff) - variations of this manual ship with 4 button or 8 button panel configurations

Star VS300-VL260 Manual (pdf)

Star VS501-VL260 Manual (pdf)

Star VS515-VL260 Manual (pdf)

Majestic Series Manual (pdf) - a variation of this manual is available for 10 button control type

Paradise Series Manual (pdf)


Care Guide - MWF Hot Tub Chemical Routine - QCA Spas Maintenance and Water Care (pdf)

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