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Refill Adapter for Propane

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Propane tank adapter 1 to 20lbRefill adapter for table top style LP tanks (16oz). This adapter helps refill the small canisters found in table-top outdoor heaters from a larger, 20lb. propane tank.

  • This refill adapter can refill your 1 lb. disposable propane tank from a larger tank like the 20lb tanks
  • Don't run out of propane
  • Made from high-quality brass.
  • Refills fast
  • Fits all one pound disposable propane tanks
  • Place 1 lb. refill bottles in freezer 1 hour prior to filling

Ideal for keeping your table-top heater in operation on cool evenings when you have a 20lb. tank to supply the 1lb. tank with.  Another alternative is to store the 20lb. tank outside of the tabletop heater and use the 5' adapter hose.

Enjoy your evenings with your table top outdoor patio heater.

Refill adapter propane

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