Royal Spa Parts

Royal Spas manufactures hot tubs and swim spas in Indianapolis, Indiana. They have been in business for over 30 years. Royal Spas manufactures 16 different hot tubs from 2-8 persons. Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement Royal Spas parts and accessories for all their makes and models.

Royal Spas makes a Hybrid line of hot tubs as well as an industry level and economy models. They also offer some doctor designed models that have additional modifications for enhanced therapeutic benefits.

The Rio II is a budget line hot tub that measures 83.5" x 75.5" x 36". It fits 5-6 persons, has 51 spa jets, a lounge seat, 2 spa pumps and an ozone purification system. The Maui II is a larger industry level tub that fits 6-8 persons. This hot tub measures 90" square, with deep contoured seats, 51 hydrotherapy jets, an ozonator and a 2 pump system.

The Squire hot tub is built for 2, with 2 lounge seats, 10 jets, 3 spa pumps, underwater lighting and an ozone purifier. The Royale hot tub fits up to 6 persons in a 75.5" x 83.5" x 33.25" shell. It comes outfitted with 41 hydrotherapy jets, 3 spa pumps, underwater lighting and ozone. The Jewel is a cut corner shaped spa that seats 5 persons. It has 3 spa pumps, 37 massage jets, topside controls and an ozonator. The Monarch is a large 8 person octagonal hot tub that measures 94" x 94" x 36". It has 3 spa pumps, deluxe steps, a volcano foot massage jet and 35 additional jets. The Royal Spa Crown model is a circular, open-seating tub with room for 5, 3 spa pumps, 14 massage jets and ozone. The Knight hot tub fits 4 and is popular for both indoor and outdoor installations. It measures 68" x 84" x 29.5", has 18 spa jets, 3 pumps and topside controls. The Royal Spa Princess hot tub fits up to 3 persons, with a massage lounger and 2 seats. It measures 59" x 78.5" x 29", has 28 spa jets and 3 pumps.

The Royalty II spa has room for 6 in a 75.5" x 83.5" x 33.25" shell. It comes equipped with 42 hydrotherapy jets, underwater lighting, an ozone purifier and 3 spa pumps. The Regal is a 5 person hot tub with dual loungers, neck and shoulder massage. This mid-size spa measures 74" x 82.5" x 33", with 3 spa pumps, 42 massage jets and an ozone purifier. The Royal Spa Empress also has room for 5, with 3 seats and 2 non-float loungers. This top selling hot tub has 3 spa pumps, 42 massage jets, topside controls, an ozonator and measures 75.5" x 83.5" x 33.25".



The Majesty hot tub fits 6 bathers in a cut corner design. It has dual loungers, 3 spa pumps, 45 jets and measures 90" square. The King Ultra by Royal Spas is a 6 person hot tub with 52 hydrotherapy jets, 8 air injectors, a contoured lounge, 3 spa pumps and underwater lighting.

The Royal Spa Sultan model has room for 7, with shoulder jets, foot jets and a cool off seat. It measures 90" square, has a total of 45 hydrotherapy jets, 3 spa pumps and topside controls. The Royal Spa Emperor II is a 90" square shell that is roomy enough for 7 persons. It has a 'hot seat', 45 hydrotherapy jets, dual loungers, 3 spa pumps and a topside command center.

Royal Spas also makes a swim spa that is 15' long and 50.5" deep that can be used indoors or outdoors. The Royal Swim Spa fits 1-14 persons, has a 3 pump, 6 jet propulsion system, ozone purification system and underwater lighting.