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Rubber Motor Support Pentair StaRite DynaGlas Jet ProSteel C35-5

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Rubber Motor Support Pentair StaRite DynaGlas/Jet/ProSteel C35-5 .California Residents WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. Replaces _C35-5 , 368882 , 5054-20 , C355.


8 Pump Union, Pentair Sta-Rite, 1-1/2" Slip and 2" Slip 77703-0105
9 Union Nut, Pentair Sta-Rite, 2" 38405-4094
10 Union Adapter, Pentair Sta-Rite, 2" Slip 38405-4095
10 Union Adapter, Pentair Sta-Rite, 1-1/2" Slip 38405-4096
12 Volute, Pentair Sta-Rite DynaJet 17303-0001
19 Impeller,Pentair Sta-Rite DynaGlas, DynaPro, 1.5hp, 2-spd C105-236PF
19 Impeller, Pentair Sta-Rite DynaGlas/DynaPro, 2.5hp, 2-Spd C105-236PHA
19 Impeller,Pentair Sta-Rite DynaGlas, DynaPro, 2.0hp, 2-spd C105-236PGAB
20 Shaft Seal, Pentair, 3/4" Shaft, Carbide, OEM 17351-0101S
20 Shaft Seal, PS-201, 3/4" Shaft, Buna PS-201
20 Shaft Seal, PS-1902, 3/4" Shaft, Silicon Carbide PS-201 PS-1902
20 Shaft Seal, PS-3868, 3/4" Shaft, Viton PS-201 PS-3868
23 Nut, Pentair Purex Whisperflo/IntelliFlo, 3/8-16 71403
25a Rubber Motor Support, Pentair StaRite DynaGlas/Jet/Pro,Steel C35-5
26a Pump Stand, Pentair Sta-Rite DynaGlas/DynaJet/DynaPro, Steel 17303-0113
28a Motor, Century/WW, 1.5hp, 115v/230v, 1-Spd, 56Yfr, SQFL B2854
28c Motor, Century,3.0hp,230v,1-Spd,56Yfr, SQFL,EE B2844
  Pump,Pentair Sta-Rite Dyna-Jet,1.5hp,115v/230v,1-Spd,2",OEM TPRAF-174L
  Pump,Pentair Sta-Rite Dyna-Jet,1.5hp,230v,1-Spd,2",OEM TPRAG-175L
  Pump,Pentair Sta-Rite Dyna-Jet,2.5hp,230v,1-Spd,2",OEM TPEAAG-168L
  Pump,Pentair Sta-Rite Dyna-Jet,2.0hp,230v,2-Spd,2",OEM TPEAYG-175L
  Pump,Pentair Sta-Rite Dyna-Jet,2.5hp,230v,2-Spd,2",OEM TPEAAYG-168L
  Seal Kit, Pentair Sta-Rite DynaGlas, DynaPro, DynaJet PP3000
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