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Satisfaction Guarantee - Manufacturer Direct Warranty

At Hot Tub Outpost, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We stand behind every product we sell.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item for a replacement or refund under our 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee. Certain items such as hot tubs, covers, saunas, circuit boards and pumps are excluded.  Returned items may be subject to a restocking fee. See conditions on our Return Policy.

If the product has a manufacturing defect it is covered under the manufacturers limited warranty.  Typically, spa parts sold on our site come with a 1 year part exchange guarantee unless otherwise stated in the product description as long as the item is not damaged by improper use, wear and tear and other conditions that do not reflect an actual product defect. 

Items not returnable after initial satisfied use include filters, pillows and covers as well as other items that are subject to wear and tear.


Manufacturer Direct Hot Tub Parts WarrantyHot Tub Outpost offers a manufacturer direct guarantee on every item.  We offer brand name, quality products where manufacturers stand behind their product. 

A manufacturer direct warranty allows for minimal hassle and fast turnaround of a warranty claim so that you can get back to enjoying your hot tub. 

Manufacturer's Warranty:This is a Warranty specifically offered by the original manufacturer of the product. It means that the manufacturer will repair or replace the product within a certain time period if there are any manufacturing or other defects found in it after the purchase. Each product's manufacturer will offer a different warranty. Contact us for particulars on any manufacturer warranty for a particular item.  Some warranties may include a certain length of time for service such as hot tubs and saunas. These manufacturers may offer a longer time period for a parts exchange warranty where parts are swapped out under warranty subject to the individual manufacturer's warranty for that particular item.  Contact us if you need assistance in contacting the manufacturer of your product.

Hot Tub Outpost does not offer any direct warranties, however products sold are covered under manufacturer's warranty as listed in the item description. 

Please note that warranties do not cover any labor required with installation, testing, removal, etc.  If you are unsure how to install an item, it is best you get a local spa tech.  Items found to be defective will be replaced under manufacturer’s warranty, but they do not cover any labor/service charges, with the exception of completely new spas.

If you have an item subject to a warranty claim, contact the manufacturer of the product directly for spas, saunas, covers and other large items.

You can send your warranty claim notification to us by email  - within the manufacturer's warranty period for spa parts and accessories and we can assist you in filing the claim with the manufacturer.

Hot Tub Outpost also offers a manufacturer direct extended warranty on all hot tubs. Extend your manufacturer's warranty coverage on select hot tubs by 2 or 3 years with an extended parts exchange warranty.  Extended warranty plans can only be purchased at the same time as when the spa is purchased.  The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and not by Hot Tub Outpost.

Before manufacturer's warranty expiration customer must contact us by email or the manufacturer directly in the case of hot tub, spa cover or sauna warranty claims.

Warranty Parts Shipping:
Products must be shipped to manufacturer or distributor prepaid (paid by customer) and we will return products shipped prepaid (paid by us) on warranty claim items.  Contact us before sending anything back so that you can be provided with the correct return address and RMA number. See our returns policy for details.

We will assist you in obtaining warranty coverage and send instructions on where to return the item for repair/replacement under warranty for all spa parts and accessories.

Need to resolve any issue with any of our products?  Send us an email or contact us and we will be glad to help.

Spa Pillows
Please note that there are no warranties on spa pillows unless there is some visible damage when the pillows arrive, before they are installed.   All pillows are thoroughly inspected before shipping. Damage during shipping will be covered.   Pillows that are damaged due to poor water quality (flaking, peeling, water lines, oily discharge) will not be covered. We can send you a water care guide so you can get your water quality under control before there are issues with additional equipment (or bathers) as chemical imbalance issues will appear on soft surfaces first.   Pillows that are ripped out of receptacles or forced to fit when they are the wrong size will also not be covered, since this affects the structural integrity of the pillow and is not a manufacturing defect. If you are not sure you are ordering the correct pillows, then we offer a free service to check your bill of materials*. You can enter your information here: Pillows should not be sat on or subjected to brut force. *Where available. Manufacturers that are no longer in business cannot be accessed but pillows can sometimes be identified by photos.

Payment Types

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