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Sears Hot Tub Parts

Hot tub parts for spas purchased through Sears.Bought a hot tub through Sears?  Need replacement parts? Here is a listing of some of the manufacturers that supply or are listed for sale at Sears.  Hot Tub Outpost carries a wide variety of replacement spa parts to keep the hot tub you purchased through Sears running smoothly for years to come.

American Spas

The American Spas 2 Person, 28 Jet Triangle hot tub measures 72" square x 34" deep and is ideal for corner spaces. It features a cascading waterfall with multi color LED lights, 28 Red Star Fire jets, a 5.5 kW titanium heater, digital topside controls, a HydroClear ozone water sanitation system, a Hydro Armor spa cover and a 2400 V - 2 HP spa pump. Sears model # AM 628TM (Tuscan Sun) or # AM 628TS (Silver Marble).

The American Spas 5 Person 11 Jet Round Hot Tub features open seating in a 78" diameter x 36" deep shell. This spa comes with a multi-color LED light, 11 Massage Therapy Red Star Fire jets, a 110V - 2.0 HP spa pump, a 5.5 kW titanium heater, digital topside control panel, a Hydro Clear ozone generator and a Hydro Armor spa cover. Sears model numbers AM 511RS (Silver Marble) or AM 511RM (Tuscan Sun).

The American Spas 6 Person 30 Jet bench hot tub measures 84" x 84" x 36" with digital topside controls, a waterfall, a 50 sq. ft. Pure flow filter, HydroClear ozonator, Hydro Armor spa cover, 30 hydrotherapy jets, a 5.0 HP spa pump and a 5.5 kW heater. Sears model # AM 730BM (Tuscan Sun shell) or AM 730 BS (silver marble shell).

The American Spas 5 Person 30 Jet lounger hot tub measures 74" x 84" x 36". It is outfitted with 30 massage therapy Red Star Fire jets, a multi-color LED spa lights, a Hydro Clear ozone generator, a 240V -5.0 HP spa pump, a 5.5 kW titanium heater, a premium Hydro Armor spa cover, cascading waterfall, a Pure Flow filter, and digital topside controls. Sears model # AM 630LS with a silver marble shell or AM 630LM for the Tuscan Sun colored shell.


Home and Garden Spas

Sears carries the Home and Garden 3 Person 31 Jet Hot Tub measuring 82" x 60" x 31" and comes in a Baltic Blue shell with a Mahogany finish cabinet. . This rectangular spa features 3 comfortable seats, a waterfall, deluxe cover, 7 color LED lighting, 31 stainless steel jets including neck, shoulder, calf and foot jets, digital topside controls, an ozone water purification system, a 4 kW heater and a 6 HP spa pump. Sears model # LPI31RB.

The Home and Garden Spas 4 person 14 Jet Plug and Play hot tub measures 80" x 70" x 27". It has 14 jets including neck, shoulder and foot jets, a hard cover, LED lights, a waterfall, a spa pump and hard cover and can be plugged into a 110V outlet. Sears Model # LPI14XF.

Home and Garden's Round 4 Person hot tub is a portable plug and play model. It has a 78" diameter and plugs into a 110 V outlet. This spa comes equipped with a 2 HP pump, 14 hydrotherapy jets, a multi color LED light, a 1 kW heater, a deluxe cover, waterfall and topside controls. Sears model # LPI14XR.

Sears carries the Home and Garden Spas Seascape 5 Person 19 Jet hot tub which measures 73" square. It has a lounge seat, underwater light, 1.5 HP pump, topside controls and a total of 19 foot, calf, shoulder and neck jets. It comes with a 110V GFCI cord and is Sears model # Seascape19110.

Home and Garden's 106 Jet - 5 Person Spa measures 92" x 92" x 36" . It comes equipped with 106 hydrotherapy jets, a waterfall, 2 x 6 HP spa pumps, a deluxe cover, a lounge seat, 7 colored LED lighting, digital topside controls and an MP3 auxiliary hookup with 2 speakers and a subwoofer. Sears model LPI106X12.

Home and Garden Portable 40 Jet Laguna hot tub has ergonomic seating for 6 people.   It measures 77" x 83" x 36" and comes with 40 stainless steel jets, digital topside controls, 7 color LED lighting, an ozone generator, a 6 HP pump, a waterfall and an MP3 hook up with 2 speakers and a sub woofer.   This cobalt blue shell with coastal gray synthetic cabinetry requires a 220 V / 50 amp dedicated electric service. Sears model # Laguna34.

The Home and Garden 6 Person 51 Jet hot tub measures 76" square inches and comes with a 6 HP spa pump, 7 colored LED lighting, a deluxe cover, topside controls and a lounge seat. Sears model # KBR631DXG0.

The Home and Garden Spas 6 Person, 80 Jet hot tub measures 84" x 78" x 36" and features a lounge seat. It comes with digital touchpad controls, a waterfall, an ozone sanitation system, a heater, colored LED lighting, 2 x 6 HP pumps and a total of 81 jets including shoulder, neck, calf and foot massage. This spa requires a 220v / 50 amp dedicated electric service and comes in a white shell with a mahogany colored cabinet. Sears model # LP181LA. This model also comes with an MP3 Auxiliary Output with 2 speakers and a sub woofer. Sears model # LP181LAAD.


Misc. Brands

Intex 77" x 28" Pure Spa Inflatable, Portable Hot Tub can seat up to 4 people in the 57" interior diameter (77" exterior diameter) spa. It comes with an inflation hose, 4 filter cartridges, an insulated cover, a storage bag, a heating system for 68-104 degree range and digital control panel. Sears model # 28405E.

The Lifesmart Rock Solid LS200DX Plug and Play spa is a round hot tub that comes with topside controls, 21 therapy jets, a spa cover and spa pump. It has room for 4-5 persons and is Sears model # 812792010101.

Radiant Saunas Simplicity Inflatable Portable Hot tub is 65" in diameter and has seating for up to 4 adults. It plugs into a 100V outlet, has easy to use digital controls, 2 filter cartridges and a Pure Flow filtration system, a floating thermal solar blanket, 88 air jets and a 1200 kW heat system.   Sears model # BP5760.

Radiant Saunas Pinnacle Inflatable Portable hot tub has a 70" diameter and seating for up to 4 people. It inflates in minutes, has a digital control panel, a PureFlow filtration system, a 1200 kW heat system, 3 filter cartridges and a storage bag. Sears model BP5767.


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