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South Seas Waterfall Pillow 11 Inch Artesian Island Spa 26-0315-85

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Waterfall pillow OP26-0315-85 for South Seas, Artesian and Island Series spas. This 26-0315-85 waterfall pillow has a center opening for the water from the waterfall feature.

It is an 11 inch wide pillow in gray.  This pillow has 4 posts/pins in back and measures about 11 1/2 inches wide at the widest point.
CAUTION: this is NOT a short 8 inch pillow, rather the 8 inches is the center slot that accommodates the 8 inch wide waterfall.

11-3/8" at widest x 5" at tallest.
4retaining post on rear, 2 at top that at 8-1/2" apart and 2 at bottom that are 9-1/4" apart.

Need a different pillow for your Artesian spa? Contact us with pictures or your spa details.

26-0315-85 and OP26-0315-85 are the same pillow.

You may also need 26-0300-85 neck pillow, 26-0310-85 lounge pillow or 26-0320-85 wrap pillows that match this color and style.

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Warranty Information

Spa Pillows are not warranted by the manufacturer and consequently by Hot Tub Outpost in any way as they are subject to chemical exposure and wear. Maintaining water chemistry can prolong pillow life.
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