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Spa Cover Lift Types

Popular hot tub cover lifters such as the Covermate series by Leisure Concepts or Cover Valet come in several different models and types.  Pick the style that is right for your outdoor spa installation.

Spa cover lifts make removing and replacing a hot tub cover easy for one person. 

No more wrestling with or damaging covers as they fall down to the ground.  The cover lift is an essential accessory for spas, especially for those big bulky covers.  Note that certain lifters may have size and clearance limitations.

valet caddy rockit

cover barsTypes of Hot Tub Cover Lifters

  • Pivot Bar Type Cover Lifter (popular)
  • Bottom Mount Cover Lift (popular - sturdy)
  • Top Mount Hydraulic Cover Lift (for gazebos or to create a privacy wall)
  • Top Mount Cabinet Cover Lifters
  • Cover Removal Systems - Caddys
  • Cover Removal Systems - Shelfs/Rollers

Pivot Bar Cover Lifter

This type of spa cover lift features a bar that goes all the way across the center seam of the folding spa cover. This works by folding the cover over once to 1/2 open the cover (onto the bar).  Then a handle or bar is raised and the cover is lifted off of the spa and rests at the side of the spa. 

covermate easySome lifters have the cover go down further on the side, while the top mount lifters have the cover standing tall - blocking view in one direction (sometimes that is good as in a privacy divider or limited clearance to the rear of the spa).

The pivot bar type cover lift uses a chain or strap that is mounted to the top part of the cabinet to stop the cover from falling backwards and also has a floor bracket that mounts the very bottom of the cabinet on the side the cover is to be stowed. Depending on the model, the cover goes down 1/2 way or lower to the side of the spa with some going down close to the ground for less of a blocked view while others stand about 1/2 of the way down with some blockage of view to one side (sometimes that is desired).

cover butler lifterCover lifters in this Pivot Bar category include:


ez cover liftersThis pivot bar type lifter such as the Cover Butler, requires rear clearance to stow the folded cover and also side clearance on 2 sides so the bar can move/pivot. 

Easy to mount and use, this is one of the most popular cover lifter types for spas that have the required space/clearance on at least 3 sides.

The Cover Butler is our most popular bar lifter followed by EZ lifter.


Under Mount Caddy Style Cover Lift (Bottom Plate mount)

cover captainsThe bottom mount or under mount cover lift usually comes with a big floor plate that slides underneath the spa, so the filled spa with the weight of the water holds this lifter in place. This one isn't going anywhere with thousands of pounds holding it down.  The Cover Captain is one of the best built lifters in this department.  This type of lifter does not require side clearance for any bars.  Two forks contain the spa cover and then it pivots down, next to the spa.  The forks fold back when not in use.

Popular bottom mount caddys include:

  • New Cover RX undermount
  • Cover Caddy (Cover Valet)
  • Cover RX (Cover Valet) - 18" clearance - gas shock assist
  • Cover Rock-It (plate mounted but not a caddy) - 18" clearance - up to 96" wide


Bottom Cabinet Mount Bar Style Cover Lift (side stowage)

This type of cover lifter uses a bar similar to the pivot bar type, but has mounting plates at the bottom of the cabinet. Unlike the plate mount that has a large plate that goes under the spa, this type of lifter has mounting brackets on the lower end of the spa cabinet.

Popular bottom cabinet mount lifts include:

CoverMate II


Top Mount Hydraulic Cover Lift (great for inside gazebos and enclosed spaces) - highest

covermate iii lifter cover valet cover liftersThis type of lifter mounts to the upper 2 sides of the spa cabinet and can hold the cover in half, upright next to the spa with little rear clearance (as little as only 6 inches).

So if the spa is up against a wall or inside a gazebo, this type of lifter may be an option. Because the top mount cover lifters keep the spa cover folded up high, they do block the view in the direction where the cover is stored. 

Unlike the bar type and bottom mount type that fold the cover away next to the spa, this type stowes the cover to the side, but not down next to the spa. 

Perfect for inside a gazebo or in other confined spaces or where there is no rear clearance.

The Covermate III and Cover Valet type lifter is popular in this type of lift that comes with shock absorber assist to make removal and replacement of the cover a breeze.

Top Mount cover lifters with hydraulics include:

  • Cover Valet - dual shock assist - 4-6" clearance - top edge or deck mount
  • Covermate III


Top Mount Cabinet Cover Lifters - higher

covermate 1 10 inches clearanceOther top mount lifters work similarly to the one above, but do not have the hydraulic shock absorbers. This top mount type of lifter raises the cover standing 1/2 tall on one side of the spa and does not lower it down very far to the side (some models more than others). Requires 10-16 inches of clearance on the side where the cover is to be stowed depending on cover lift model and folded cover size.

Popular top-mounted cover lifters include:

covermate 1 top mount


Note when ordering Covermate lifters, there are also some ECO models on the market without some of the fine trim pieces (like covering screws).  You have invested alot in your spa, so here at Hot Tub Outpost the Covermate lifters you get are the deluxe, nice version of the lift - even the Covermate I.

Cover Removal Systems - Shelfs/Rollers

roller cover spaCover shelfs or rollers do not stow the cover next to the spa, but have 2 or 3 arms that can be raised to hold the cover as it is pushed over to the side.

For this type of cover holder, space is required on the side of the spa that will keep the cover stowed when the spa is in use.  Advantages of this type of cover holder are that it requires no lifting at all, just fold the cover in half and then push outwards from inside the spa to open and push from the outside to close and fold back over. 

No bar is used, just a shelf type of structure that allows for the 1/2 folded cover to remain horizontal but off to the side. This type of lifter also does not block the view on that side as much as a top mount lifter would.

Popular shelf style cover holders include:


There are other cover lift types too such as swim spa cover lift kits (basically 2 lifters, one for each end of the swimspa) and even freestyle lifters for round covers. 

Don't need any of that fancy stuff, how about just 2 brackets that hold a folded cover off to the side of the spa, but you have to hoist it yourself.  That would be the CoverCatch by Leisure Concepts.

leisure concepts cover lifters outpost

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