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Spa Drain Valve 1/2 Inch Slip 0455-05 Magic Plastics

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  • 0455-05 drain valve MGP0455-05 DYN11942
  • Spa Drain Valve 1/2 Inch Slip 0455-05 Magic Plastics
  • Clearwater spa valve
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slipmagicvalve.pngDrain valve 0455-05 for hot tubs by Magic Plastics.

This valve has a 1/2 inch slip connection that accommodated 1/2 inch inner diameter flex hose or pipe.


This drain valve assembly is made by Magic Plastics and has the following features:

  • Designed for Skirt or Kick-Plate Installations
  • Flush Mounted to the Wall
  • Secured in the Closed Position
  • Impact Modified ABS
  • Drains about 5 gallons per minute
  • Built-in Freeze Protection

This Drain Valve is easy to use and attaches to your 1/2 inch (id.) drain plumbing with the 1/2 inch slip connector on the rear of this spa drain assembly.

We also offer a 3/4 inch barb version of this drain by Magic Plastics for your 3/4 inch inner diameter hose.

drain valves by Magic Plastics 0455-05

Drain valves are typically mounted in the lower area of a side or corner panel in the spa for easy access to draining out the water.  We also offer the valves for 3/4 inch hose/pipe connection in either barbed or spigot versions (0456-05 3/4" barb or 0457-05 3/4" spigot).

This one is for 1/2 inch hose connection 0455-05.


Manufacturer Instructions:
To operate, pull the spout out while leaving the exterior end cap on.
Once extracted, by design, the Drain Valve will stay in the closed position.
After the garden hose is installed, push the spout back in halfway to actuate the drain.
The valve is also equipped with a removable bezel in order for the skirt to be detached without disturbing the plumbing.

0455-05 Replaces

DYN11942 or 11942 as found in Dynasty Spas and replaces 0455-05 as found in Clearwater Spas. Valve type also used in newer model QCA Spas and other brand hot tubs.
½” Slip Spa Drain Valve
We also offer Magic Plastics drain valves with 3/4 inch plumbing connection, see  0456-05 (¾” Barbed Spa Drain Valve) 


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