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Spa Frog 4 Way Test Strips 50 Per Bottle

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  • Spa Frog 4 Way Test Strips 50 Per Bottle
  • Spa Frog 4 Way Test Strips 50 Per Bottle FROGTestStrips
  • Spa Frog 4 Way Test Strips 50 Per Bottle FROGTestStrips
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spatest frogTest strips for pool and spa that use the Frog mineral and chemical products. 50 test strips per bottle.

On sale now.

Get fresh mineral water right in your hot tub with the Frog mineral + bromine system. 
The 2 cartridges are used in either an in-line feeder or a floating Frog system.

These test strips are especially formulated for spas that use the cartridges. Specially formulated for reading the Lower Chlorine or Bromine Levels typically used with the Frog Mineral Systems.  Measures Chlorine Or Bromine, Total Alkalinity, and PH Balance. Count 50 test strips per bottle.

  • 50 Test Strips per Bottle
  • Tests for both Chlorine and Bromine - whichever your selected sanitizer is
  • Helps adjust low level of chlorine or bromine to use along with FROG minerals
  • The ideal range is clearly marked on the bottle with green arrows
  • Maintaining the right levels means your chlorine or bromine cartridges could last up to 50% longer!
  • Also tests for pH and Total Alkalinity
  • Measures low levels of bromine from 0.5-2.0 ppm

It's the only strip with the ideal low chlorine or bromine range for FROG Pools & Spas. Normal hot tub test strips are not as accurate and do not show the ideal range to be in when using FROG products and minerals.

In 15 seconds, you will know exactly what level of chlorine or bromine is in the water. This 4-way test strip also checks on pH and Total Alkalinity.

Just dip the strip in the water and hold level, submersed for 15 seconds and then bring it up next to the color chart on the bottle and compare.

If you are in the ideal ranges as shown with the green arrows, then you are experiencing Fresh Mineral Water! If not, just adjust the feeder/cartridge or the pH/Alkalinity.

Did you know that Frog strips use Aqua Check technology? Why not use these reliable test strips when you are using Frog minerals.

FROG Test Strips have the easy dip and read method. No swirling around or shaking water off. The color matches are sharp and precise even at the low bromine levels.

The best part is that FROG Test Strips show the ideal bromine (or chlorine)range when using FROG minerals right on the bottle. No guessing. No wondering.

frog measuring test strips hot tubs

Also get the 150g bromine cartridge and mineral cartridge for the floating Frog or in-line Frog system.  We also offer the 200g bromine cartridge for the in-line Frog sanitizing system.

Need the kit with floater? See 29965.

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