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Square Back 4.0KW 240V Spa Heater 6739 C3236-1A 26-3236-1A-5T-K

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  • 4.0KW 240V Spa Heater 6739 C3236-1A 26-3236-1A-5T-K
  • Heater 6739 C3236-1A 26-3236-1A-5T-K cable with eyelets. Has 26" cord pigtail ends
  • spa heater c3236-1a
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26-3236-1A-5T-K Square Back Heater is Available Again - this is the 4kW square back heater as used in Artesian Spas, LA Spas, and other spas that used the C-3236-1A or 6739 type trombone heater.

4.0KW, 240V Lo-Flow LA Spas Replacement Heater with Square Back also replaces SHH-4100-NH . This spa heater replaces the Therm Products heater and is ideal for use in hot tub spas.

3/4 inch barb connection - 1 inch pipe that is about 25 inches long before it curves in the trombone style. Flared end goes down to about 3/4 inches from 1 inch.

Measures about 26 1/2 inches x 15 1/2 inches.

This trombone style heater is used in select Artesian Spas and L.A. Spas.

This is a low flow hot tub heater with a square back designed for spa systems that use a 24 hour circulation pump.
This spa heater for Artesian, Leisure Bay and L.A. Spas is 4kw and operates at 240 volts. See tech notes below if using this heater in an older Artesian spa.

Comes with 30" long cable.

Heater Type    Low Flow
Heater Wattage    4.0kW
Inlet Size    1" Barb
Outlet Size    1" Barb
Type    Standard
Voltage    230
Length    26"

Used along with select Gecko MSPA & SSPA control systems. LA Spas manufactured with MSPA & SSPA control systems.
26"L x 14-1/4"H x 9-1/4"W

4kW heater with 3/4 inch barb connections.  Internal auto-reset hi limit.
Low Flow, Squareback Style heater, 26"x14", 1" Tube, Titanium Heater Element, 4.0kW, 115V/230V, 26" cord Pigtail Ends and Pressure Switch Tap

Replaces Laing 7001, 7007.1, 7130, select LA Spas trombone style heaters and OP24-0007-19 Artesian Spa heaters.

26″x14″ with 26″ cord. Pressure switch tap on side is plugged

Low Flow Replacement Heater with Square Back
Max Pressure 30psi (2bar)
Minimum Flow Rate 4 gpm
Amps 16.6 a
Volts 240v
4kW trombone shaped heater

SEH-5500-NHW-6676 / SEH-5500-NHW-7007 /
HYD26-3236-1A-5T-K, 26-3236-1A-5T-K, PEH-5526-NHW-6938 / SEH-4100-NHCW-7130 /
SHH-5500-NH-6739 and SHH-4100-NH / SEH-5500-NHW-6692 / 7154
SEH-5500-NHW-6652 / SEH-5500-NHCW-6632
SHH-4100-NH-6739, SEH-5500-NHW-6659

C3236-1A 240v heater with pressure switch tap

Found in these spas: LA Spas, Artesian, Atera, Hydro Quip, Santa Barbara.

PLEASE NOTE: If using this replacement for a C3236-1A in an older Artesian Spa. This new heater will not fit around the spa pack and must be REMOTE MOUNTED.

There will be discrepancies between the new and old unit.   This new heater will have 3 wires, not 2.  Black and White go to the circuit board, and Green goes with the ground wires.

Also, the water connections will not be the same size. Any kind of reducer, such as a small piece of clear pipe set around the smaller connection will correct this.  You would then slip the larger connection over it.

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