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Sundance Spa DVX Jet 6541-437 Stainless

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  • Sundance Spa DVX Jet 6541-437
  • 2540-433
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Sundance Spa DVX Jet 6541-437 Stainless Steel style directional nozzle jet insert that is 4 3/8" in diameter.

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This jet is about 4 3/8" in diameter across front face of jet and is used in select Sundance Spa models including 2007 - 04/2012 Peyton, Denali, Tacoma, Hartford, Hawthorne and Burlington spa models.

Pictured is standard directional jet in stainless steel/chrome but the actual jet has a classic gray color nozzle instead of the slightly darker one pictured.

jet parts for sundance spa
Parts that make up the jet assembly are also available including the 6541-632 jetback jet body (number 2 in diagram) for DVX jet that includes the oring and nut if needed.  Part 3 is the 6541-634 self leveling washer.


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