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SwimNSpa Bromine Chemical Kit SSBROMKIT

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Bromine Full-size Spa Water Maintenance Kit and set for Hot Tubs

Everything you need to get your hot tub operating properly and to keep the water clean.
This kit uses the bromine tablet sanitizer that lasts longer in hot water than chlorine.

Full sized bottles and 50 test strips instead of 10 as sold in other mini-kits.  These are the real, full size containers.

This SwimNSpa water care kit cannot be shipped to California or outside of the Continental USA.  For California, See generic kit BROM-SET-1

This full size Bromine based maintenance set SSBROMKIT includes these chemicals and items:

  • 1.5 lbs. Bromine Tablets Spa Choice 47233001
  • 1 lb.. Bromine Boost SwimNSpa 47240160 for starting newly filled tubs with a bank of bromine sanitizer
  • 1 pt First Step SwimNSpa 47240480
  • 2 lbs Refresh Shock Treatment SwimNSpa 47240130
  • 1 lb pH Up increaser 47235041
  • 1.5 lb pH Down decreaser 47235061
  • 1 pt Sparkle clarifier SwimNSpa  47240370
  • 50 Test Strips 3-in-1  bromine, pH, alkalinity and free chlorine too.

Bromine Booster - SwimNSpa
Establishes a bromine reserve so you can use your hot tub sooner upon new fill or refill.

ph Up and Down
Adjust pH as needed to keep it between 7.2-7.6

Bromine Tablets - Full size 1.5lb. container
Quality bromine for your hot tub.

Spa Test Strips
50 test strips to measure pH, alkalinity and bromine levels (and free chlorine too)

First Step
Prevents scaling and used when refilling spa.

Refresh Shock Treatment
Non-chlorine shock treatment used weekly to keep bromine levels activated

Sparkle Clarifier
For crystal clear water.  Combines and eliminates particulates out of the water.

For questions on adopting the M-W-F spa water care program, see our hot tub water care guide for tips.

Chemicals can also be purchased individually -  see our wide range of spa chemicals.
Why the set?  Savings and convenience!

SSBROMKIT only ships within the continental USA and cannot ship to California.

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