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Theraband Flexbar Grip Strength Resistance Bar Tennis Elbow Golfers Tendonitis

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This Theraband Flexbar is currently unavailable .


This Thera-Band Flexbar is color coded for different strength levels and available in Heavy, Medium, Light and Extra-Light strengths.

  • TheraBand Flexbar Blue Advanced is ideal for fitness experts and athletes looking to increase grip strength and perform advanced oscillation exercises
  • Clinically researched and proven to reduce elbow pain by 81% and increase strength in the tendons by 72% in tennis elbow patients
  • Ridged design is easy to grip and twist, ideal for sports grip training for crossfit, kayaking, rock climbing, weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics, martial arts and advanced racquet sports
  • Flexbar is portable and convenient exercise equipment, packaging includes detailed exercise instructions
  • 12" long, 2" diameter, made from dry natural rubber, takes 25 pounds of force to bend to a U-shape
  • Get the red, lighter version (red version) for a less intensive stretch.
  • Get the green medium version for tennis elbow and other similar ailments
  • Get the yellow version (extra light) for wrist, forearm and hand rehabilitation, lateral epicondolitis therapy, and neuromuscular re-education after injury.

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