Therasauna Features and Benefits

TherasaunaTherasauna Features and Benefits - Infrared Saunas

Therasauna is the top of the line, best infrared sauna available. Almost 20 years in the making, this infrared sauna is the only one with several patented systems to give you maximum benefits.

If you believe in buying quality – this is the sauna for you. Every detail – from the type of wood to the constant heat levels to the built in mood music/ambient sounds – is designed to give you the most beneficial and relaxing infrared session.

TheraSauna believes in ongoing research to continue making the best infrared dry sauna on the market.

Theramitters Ceramic Heater

Best Infrared Heaters

theramittersheaters.jpgTheraSauna is the only sauna on the market featuring the TheraMitter infrared heating units. The heaters are designed and manufactured to produce the most beneficial infrared range for the human body. The best detoxification results occur when there is a 9.4 micron output for infrared.

The TheraSauna heaters are unique in the industry – patented solid ceramic, high glass content tubular TheraMitters. Ceramic heaters have proven to be the gold standard for producing larger amounts of far-infrared with longer wavelengths and higher emissivity.

These heaters are built to last for 10,000 hours – which works out to about 1 hour every day over 30 years. This is due to their special construction - which is why they are guaranteed for life. The concave shape of the TheraMitter heaters ensure that every inch of the sauna is covered as heat waves spread in a 180 degree pattern.

The high quality reflectors deliver the far infrared at the most beneficial micron range for better and deeper absorption. The watt density of the heaters allow for uninhibited transmission and output of infrared, with a radiant efficiency of 96%.

Patented Heat Control System

Use Therasauna nowOnly TheraSauna offers a patented Stable Heat Control System.

Unlike other systems that hit a temperature, then shut off, then start up again when the temperature drops – TheraSauna’s patented control system automatically maintains a constant output.

The TheraSauna ceramic heaters provide a continuous and effective 9.4 micron range of far infrared, so your body will absorb more of this beneficial heat.

Since the radiant heat can penetrate as deep as 2 inches below the skin, your body will perspire more, sweat out more toxins and benefit from deeper muscle therapy. Other saunas can’t achieve the constant infrared output throughout the entire sauna session.

TheraSauna has a patented wave max which goes through 1-15 on the light spectrum every 30 minutes. The Spectra Wave System allows you to use a combination of far, middle and near infrared wave lengths to receive the best overall health benefits.

Therasauna infrared heatersThe TheraSauna Power Select feature gives you control of each heater zone so you can vary the infrared input to match your personal comfort setting. The levels vary from 1 to 15 for each zone, so you can have the TheraMitters at your back on full power but the TheraMitter for your calves/feet at half power. You can customize your sauna session to control the right amount of infrared heat for each part of your body.

The patented MPS Touchview Control is also unique to Therasauna, allowing you to customize your sauna sessions.

This innovative touchscreen means you can adjust temperatures, MPS levels, set the timer and more – all with the touch of a button. The system is easy to use and allows you to preheat your sauna, manage your session settings and even save presets for future use.

This superior control panel gives you the greatest flexibility and widest range of options to run your sauna. You can also adjust the light brightness level, the stereo system volume or set the clock.

Another great feature for 2 or more users is the Patented Dual Control Settings - so both people can create the sauna session they prefer with their personal program.

Choose one of the built in sound therapy tracks, including Oceanside, Bubbling Brook, Peaceful Forest, Rolling Waves, Jungle Symphony or any combination of these tracks.

Touchview Control Features include:

  • Therasauna Touchview Control7 day programmable control for two users
  • 5 unique & relaxing music tracks
  • 100% Independent SpectraWave™ mode
  • 10 easy to read user friendly touch screens
  • Micron Power Select™ System
  • SpectraWave™ System
  • Stable Heat™ System
  • Separate Audio Control Screens
  • Automatic Setup Screen
  • Clock Setup Screen
  • Pre Heat & Hold Screen
  • In Use Screen
  • Use Now Screen


Best Wood Cabin and Construction

Therasauna Wood AspenMuch study went into choosing the best wood for the Therasauna.

Since the heat that penetrates your skin also penetrates the wood, it was important that the wood be a safe component that does not emit toxins or irritants.

Each infrared cabin is handcrafted with the finest grade aspen hardwood, grown at elevations where the trees don’t produce insecticides. The boards are sturdy ¾ inch boards made from the thickest, most durable wood.  

The wood is furniture grade from North America. The outside of the cabin has a warm mahogany finish for the look of fine furniture – fitting anywhere into your home or business. (Natural finish is also available.)

The sauna cabin is constructed in the USA using sturdy, ¾ inch wood boards, a curved back rest, reversible bench and sliding roof vent. The exterior features elegant wood molding on the roof, decorative foot molding, smoked tempered glass and exterior lights. All materials in the sauna are chosen with wellness in mind, including the water-based glues and finishes.

Aspen wood vs cedar

Therasauna AccessoriesAdded features

Every Therasauna comes complete with soft touch controls; built in mood music and a reading light. There is also a 7 Day Program Control so you can set the desired time for your sauna to turn on. Imagine being able to walk into a ready sauna any day of the week!

Optional Accessories

You can customize your Therasauna with any of the following:

-15 Color Chromotherapy Lighting

-Ionizer Fan with Aroma Diffuser

-Mondo Wifi Digital Music Player

-Premium Sound System with MP3 Auxillary

-Exterior Cabinet Accent Lighting

-A matching Aspen wood dual purpose back and foot rest

-Aspen wood cup holder


All TheraSauna Infrared Health Saunas come with a comprehensive warranty – including a lifetime warranty on the heaters and wood and comprehensive 3 year warranty on the touch view controls. See the warranty sheet for full details.

Made in the USA

All TheraSaunas are proudly crafted in the USA, including the heaters, touch view controls and wood cabins.

Leading Technology and Experience

Therasauna has always been at the forefront of innovation and design for infrared dry saunas.

The TheraSauna patents were first issued in 1995 for the Stable Heat System. Several additional patents and patents-pending have been issued on the MPS Infrared Control System.

TheraSauna has been manufactured for over 20 years, insuring you will be able to get parts and accessories should you need them.

TheraSauna has CSA and CE approval and has applied for registration under Infrared Health Devices with the American Food and Drug Administration.

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