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TPH-1-CL Probe holder 9920-100163 Thermowell

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Limited availability or see black thermowell probe holder 09-0044-K  works with 3/8" bulbs including Gecko sensors.

Probe holder 9920-100163 for temperature probe.  Gecko thermowells hold temperature sensors into place.

Gecko temperature probe holder TPH-1-CL.


Sensor mount for 3/8" bulb. This is a wet well, through wall type sensor mount 9920-100163 .



Thermowell: 2” X 3/8” (10mm) Clear

This temperature probe holder securely positions the temperature probe.  Please note that the probe holder has to be foamed over the rubber strain relief or properly insulated from temperature interference from the ambient cabinet air in order to prevent false water temperature readings.  Some like to use a plastic cup behind the probe along with a spray can of insulating foam.

First install the temperature probe holder into the spa wall. It fits inside a 7/8" (22mm) diameter hole. Assemble and install the holder and hand tighten nut by turning counter-clockwise.  It should be tight enough so water does not leak out of the tub, but not too tight to crack the fitting.

To install the temperature probe, insert the probe into the small end of the strain relief and push completely through to the other side. Forcing the stopper nut over the strain relief for a snug fit, the flat edeg of the probe is then inserted into the strain relief.  The probe assembly is then inserted into the receptacle which has already been installed into the spa wall. Hand tighten.  Insert end-plug into the small end of the strain relief so that air temperature variations don't affect the water temperature readings.

Thermowell Type Thru-Wall
Sensing Bulb Size 3/8"
Thru-Wall Hole Size 7/8"


Need silicone? See DC-732-CLR-3.

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