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Vico Balboa Wet End Ultimax 3Hp Side Discharge 1215186

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  • Balboa Wet End Ultimax 3Hp Side Discharge 1215186
  • 1215186
  • Vico Balboa Wet End Ultimax 3Hp Side Discharge
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Vico/Balboa Complete Wet End Ultimax 3.0 Hp, side discharge 1215186.  Connects to 2 inch inner diameter plumbing/hose (3 1/16" outer diameter across pump threads).

This wet end has 2 inch plumbing connections and is rated at 3HP for both 48 and 56 frame Ultimax pumps.  Works with either 48 frame or 56 frame motors.

Pump Part
Wet End
Motor Frame 56 Frame Thru-Bolt
Drain Plug Location 6,9 o`clock
Suction Auxillary Port 3/8" barb (b) 1ea.
Suction Style Center
Suction Connection (Physical Dimension) 3-1/16"od
Suction Connection Type Male Buttress Thread (mbt)
Suction Pipe Size 2"
Discharge Auxilary Port 3/8" barb (b) 1ea.
Discharge Style Side
Discharge Connection (Physical Dimension) 3-1/16"od
Discharge Connection Type Male Buttress Thread (mbt)
Discharge Pipe Size 2"
Horsepower 3.0hp
Manufacturer Vico/Balboa
Pump Model Ultimax
Manufacturer Impeller Number 1212235 green/red
Volute Fastening Type 5 Bolts and 5 Nuts
Volute/Sealplate Number 1211020


We also offer seals and other wet end parts separately if needed.

 balboa vico parts breakout

Wet End Parts List

1a Pump Union 2" Buttress Thread x 2" Slip Connection 2614029
1b Pump Union 2-1/2" Female Buttress Thread, 2" Slip (uses O-245 oring) 400-5990
2 O-Ring, Buna-N, 2-3/4" ID, 1/8" Cross Section, O-245 oring  O-245
3 Volute, Balboa Vico Ultimax, 2" Suction/Discharge, 48fr/56fr 1210020
3 Volute, Balboa, Vico Ultimax,2-1/2" Suction,2" Disch,48/56fr 1210024
4 Bolt, Balboa Vico Ultimax, 1/4-20 x 2-3/4" 6011003
5 Drain Plug, Balboa Vico Ultima/Ultimax, with out O-Ring 1214138
6 O-Ring, Buna-N, 1/2" ID, 3/32" Cross Section, Generic(10 pk)  
7 Bolt, Balboa Vico Ultimax, 1/4-20 x 1-1/2", 4 required 6011012
8 Impeller,Balboa Vico Ultimax, 1.5hp, Green/Blue/Red/Blue 1212227
8 Impeller,Balboa Vico Ultimax, 2.0hp, Green/Brown/Red 1212230
8 Impeller, Balboa Vico Ultimax, 3.0 Horsepower, Green/Red 1212235
8 Impeller,Balboa Vico Ultimax, 4.0hp, Green/Orange/Red/Brown 1212008
9 O-Ring, Buna-N, 6" ID, 3/32" Cross Section, Generic O-163E70
10 Shaft Seal, PS-201, 3/4" Shaft, Buna PS-201
10 Shaft Seal, PS-1902, 3/4" Shaft, Silicon Carbide PS-201 PS-1902
10 Shaft Seal, PS-3868, 3/4" Shaft, Viton PS-201 PS-3868
11 Seal Plate, Balboa Vico Ultimax, 48 Frame/56 Frame 1211027
11 Volute Back, Balboa Vico Ultimax, 48 Frame/56 Frame 1211020
12 Nut, Balboa Vico, Volute, 1/4-20 6010001
13 Bracket, Balboa Vico Ultimax, Seal Plate 1217179
14 Screw, Balboa Vico Ultimax, 8-32 x 5/8", 4 required 6012011


This wet end works with pump 1056016.

This wet end also replaces 1215060.


Vico has used various types of seals in their pumps over the years, please be sure to select the correct seal for your installation. The old style is a generic PS2136. The new style is a PS201

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