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Vita Spa Kidney Pillow Gray 532062 30532062 2-Pins

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Dark gray kidney-shaped spa pillow for Vita spas part number 532062 or 30532062.

This color has been discontinued.  If you order this  pillow, you will receive the only remaining color - black (see 0532506).

These original Vita Spa replacement pillows have 2 pins on back.

kidney pillow back 2 pins Vita Spas

Black pillow and Gray pillow version of these kidney-style Vita Spa Pillows.  This one is the rarer gray version.

If you need the black pillow, see 532056.

gray vs black kidney pillow Vita Spa

This dark gray kidney-shaped pillow shown on the right, has these dimensions: (13 inches wide)

dark gray kidney pillow Vita

The height is about 6 inches on the outsides and 4 inches in the center.

Back side of pillow showing the 2 pins.

2 pins vita spas back



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Warranty Information

Pillows are not warranted - maintaining proper water balance extends pillow life.
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