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Vita Spa Pillow LG98 No Logo Suction Cup Silver Gray 532002

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Now: $39.77
RRP: $60.45


Vita Spa Pillow LG98 is the large single suction cup pillow in silver color that is no longer available.

Going forward these are available in graphite gray - see 532002

We also offer this same model 532002 in graphite gray/black.

This is a non-logo pillow with a single suction cup on back.

suction cup silver pillow vita spa

Dimensions 12 3/8  x 5 1/2 inches.

measure silver pillow vita

This was an authentic, limited edition silver gray pillow.  This is the lighter color gray pillow. We also offer the dark graphite gray version of 532002.

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Warranty Information

Pillows are not warranted - maintaining proper water balance extends pillow life.
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