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Water Hardness Plus for Hot Tubs

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  • Hardness Plus increase calcium hardness
  • Water Hardness Plus for Hot Tubs
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Calcium Hardness increaser for hot tub spa water - 14 ounces.

Now shipping the SwimNSpa brand Calcium Hardness Increaser 14oz in place of the discontinued Spa Breeze Hardness Plus.

hardnessplugincreases.jpgIncreases the calcium hardness of the spa water. Helps to prevent foaming and equipment corrosion. The standard range measurement of calcium salts contained in the water is recommended at 175-225 ppm.

Anything above this range could cause the water to be cloudy and/or scaling on the tub surface, equipment and piping. To increase hardness add Hardness Plus; to reduce hardness partially drain and refill spa.

Calcium hardness should be 175-225 ppm.
If too low, corrosion of metals in system will increase, and be harder to clean.
If too high _ scale formation will increase on surfaces.

Scale may also form in heater pipes and other circulating parts. Discoloration of surface
can take place. Scale tends to form more at pH above 8.0.

If too low, each ounce of this product added to 500
gallons of water will increase hardness about 10 ppm.
Add directly to water distributing evenly around

If calcium hardness is too high, either dilute water with
less hard water, or use PROTECT every week. Add 2
ounces per 500 gallons water weekly to spa or hot tub

Hot tub chemicals only ship within the continental U.S.A.

Spa Breeze brand has been replaced by the new SwimNSpa Brand -  (14 oz)


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