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Whirlpool Bathtub Retrofit Kit Chrome 1HP Pump Jets Hose Union Air Control

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  • Complete Whirlpool Bathtub Retrofit Kit Chrome 1HP Pump Jets Hose Union Air Control
  • 1HP upgraded bath pump
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This is the complete bathtub retrofit kit in Chrome to turn your standard bathtub into a sparkling chrome jetted whirlpool bath - with an upgraded 1HP pump.  This kit is on sale.

This complete kit includes the upgraded 1 HP pump with air switch and a NEMA 120v power cord and plug as well as the pump union, tee, air control in chrome, suction fitting assembly chrome 10 feet of tubing, the air button in chrome, 6 bath jets in chrome, and even the Jet Tool.

This jetted hot tub bathtub kit includes:

  • 1HP 120 bathtub pump with power cord and NEMA power plug - 9 amp motor with air switch  321JF10-0150
  • 1  Pump Union  1 1/2 inch slip connection for 1 1/2 inch inner diameter hose/pipe/plumbing
  • 1  Pump Union Tee   1x1x1 Inch slip and o-ring
  • 1 Venturi Air Control in chrome
  • 1 Suction Fitting Assembly in chrome includes suction body, wall fitting and suction cover in chrome
  • 1 10 foot length of Tubing for connecting the air switch
  • 1 Air Button in chrome
  • 1 Jet Tool - jet wrench for classic and econo jets by Waterway
  • 6 Bath Jets in chrome including jet bodies 227-2460-A7 which require a 1 3/4 inch hole size.  The jet body: 1/2 inch x 1 inch slip adjustable and includes the wall fitting .650.  Jet internals are 2 1/4" Eyeball and Chrome Escutcheons.

 jet-tool-bathtubIncludes a jet tool - wrench too.

This tool is made by Waterway.

All main visible parts are "Chrome" color.

We also offer this entire 1HP jetted bath kit in biscuit color if you like.


Includes the chrome air button, chrome jets, chrome suction, chrome valve an upgraded 1HP pump with cord and plug. (pump is 120v - 9amp with NEMA power cord and air switch built-in).

We also offer this bathtub jetting kit with pump in the colors biscuit and white.

Need a heater?

You can use a standard bath heater. You have two options: Vacuum side installation or Pressure side installation. This heater is made to help maintain the water temperature.  We recommend the following heater options (click on link to view details).

Heater In Line – vacuum side is


Hydroquip Heater



Kit available with white jets instead of chrome, see 3-80-5080.

Pump Specs

Voltage 115V, 60Hz, 9 Amps
・Amperage 9 Amps
Competitive power 1 HP, output power 1 HP
Charge size is 1-1/2" MBT, discharge size is 1-1/2" MBT

Contact us if you need assistance.



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Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Warranty 3-80-5153 sb 321JF10-0150-1HP
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