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APG-U Spa Ozonator In.Link APG-U-03

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del ozone ozonatorAPG-U Spa Ozone Generator with type connector/cord is found in hot tubs that have the Gecko control system and use the In.Link connector.  

This model is being phased out, see the new Del model with same plug type 51002-082-101

240v ozonator. APG-U-03

Replacement ozonator for spas is made by Del Ozone or Delzone. This "univolt" energy efficient ozone generator works on both 120v and 230v systems and attaches with In.Link cord (fits Gecko control packs).  

We also offer this ozone generator with an AMP cord/plug (white 4 pin plug with 2 wires connected for ozonator use) for Balboa spa control systems.

Sanitizes your spa as it kills bacteria and reduces the amount of bromine or chlorine needed.  Very easy to use in combination with either chlorine or bromine.


Ozone generator must be mounted horizontally.  You can mount as high as possible in the equipment area of the spa.  Check for and correct any leaks in the ozone tubing.

This ozone generator reduces the required dosage of chlorine or bromine needed to sanitize the spa water, but some sanitizer is still required. 

Why use a hot tub ozonator.


Need an ozone installation kit parts bag including check valve, tubing and clamps? See 9-0482J.

Advanced Oxidation Process
When germicidal UV light (UV-C) and Ozone react the result is the production of hydroxyl radicals. This reaction is known as Advanced Oxidation Process, or AOP.
Hydroxyl radicals have the highest oxidation potential of any residential application sanitizer.


  • The most powerful Advanced Sanitizer
  • APG Ozone generation creates more ozone, resulting in more hydroxyl radicals
  • Destroys 99.9% Of Harmful Contaminants
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