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Coast Spa Ozonator APG-DV-02 Del AMP

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del ozone ozonatorThis ozonator has been replaced by 592970-KIT


Coast Spas ozone generator APG-DV-02 ozonator is an original replacement part.

APG-DV-02 is a CD Corona Discharge type Ozone Generator with Dual Voltage 115V/230V that comes with cord and 4 pin AMP plug.

FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA.

Replacement ozone generator for hot tubs by Del as used in select Coast spas. This ozone generator is energy efficient and is "DV" or dual voltage, so it works at both 120 volts or 230 volts. Also works for 50hz and 60hz spas so can be used in the USA, Europe, Canada and around the world -   AMP cord included.

Sanitizes your spa as it kills bacteria and reduces the amount of bromine or chlorine needed.  Very easy to use in combination with either chlorine or bromine.

This ozone generator reduces the required dosage of chlorine or bromine needed to sanitize the spa water, but some sanitizer is still required.  Current model easy to install ozonator for QCA Spas, Nordic hot tubs, and other brand hot tubs.

You may need an ozone check valve for the installation as well.


Why use a hot tub ozonator.

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