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Is a Spa Ozonator a Worthwhile Option?

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Hot Tub Ozonators

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Many high end hot tubs come with ozone generators built in, while 90% of spas are 'ozone ready'.This means that the ozone jet, or a Venturi injector, has been plumbed into the spa shell, so you just need to buy an ozonator and connection kit for easy installation. The ozonator connects to your spa's controls and plumbing, so its cycles of operation can be programmed.

So why is an ozone purification system an option for your hot tub?

The purpose of an ozone generator in a hot tub is to help reduce the amount of chemicals you need to keep your spa water clean and balanced. It does not eliminate the need for chemicals - you will still have to add a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine (but never mix the two!). Ozone only is effective for a short time, approximately 15 minutes in the water, so it needs to be used in conjunction with other sanitizers.

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How does ozone work in a spa?

Your ozone purification system is an electromechanical device that works with your chemical sanitizers to oxidize contaminants and organic material within the spa water. Ozone enhances the performance of your chemical sanitizer, helps to destroy microorganisms, breaks down chemical contaminants and clumps together dissolved solids so they can be trapped more easily by your spa filter.As a result, most spa users find they need to use less chlorine or bromine. In general, you can expect to use about 25% less chemical sanitizer. Ozone also works well with natural purification systems like mineral purifiers (Spa Frog) and enzymes.

The basic science behind ozone is that oxygen molecules are broken into two atoms by the Corona Discharge or UV light from an ozone generator. The new atoms collide with other oxygen molecules and form ozone. These 3 oxygen-atom ozone molecules are then active and able to oxidize organic material or other contaminants. Ozone is strong and able to destroy viruses, algae, bacteria, odors, yeast, chloramines and other impurities.However, the ozone generator must run from four to six hours per day to generate/replenish enough ozone to purify the spa water. We recommend running the ozonator for 2-4 hours - twice each day (set timer for 12 hours apart).

Similar to oxygen boosted house cleaners, the ozone in your spa water helps oxidize organic contaminants as well as body lotions, soaps, perfumes, suntan lotions, urine and saliva. Ozone kills all organic contaminants and known microorganisms, including organic contaminants that may create chloramines, and renders most dissolved metals insoluble. You will find that spa water treated with ozone stays cleaner and clearer - making water maintenance simpler. Ozone will not affect your water's pH as it is pH neutral. Since you are reducing the amount of chemicals needed, you will also feel that your skin is softer, smoother and less dry.

Read more about ozonators in the Ozone Generator FAQ.

Is ozone safe?

Ozone is extremely safe when dissolved in water, but you should never breathe in concentrated ozone gas. Once the ozone leaves the water and enters the air, it only takes seconds/minutes to covert back to oxygen. The ozone produced by your spa is insignificant to our atmosphere or the Earth's ozone layer.

How to add an ozonator

If an ozone purification system is not already installed in your spa, you will have to ensure that your spa can accept an ozonator.You will also need to check the voltage required. Most spas are ozone ready so you will only need an ozonator kit and possibly a Venturi injector. The connection kit includes a small check valve which helps stop water from backing up into your air blower. An air line from the ozonator connects to the spa's plumbing system.Ozone is drawn by Venturi suction from the spa pump into the spa water where it dissolves.Spas that are not ozone ready can be retrofitted with an ozone installation system.

There are several spa ozonator manufacturers and you will find the best ones on Hot Tub Outpost.Most modern UV ozonators are very effective in improving water quality.They are also reliable since they are operated by the electronic controls and there is little to no maintenance required by the spa owner.The ozonator only operates during a spa pump circuit.

ozonator installation kit

Ozonator generators will generally last for 3 years. We recommend purchasing an ozone generator test kit to ensure your ozonator is still producing ozone and not just bubbles. When it is no longer working, it is simple enough to buy a new ozone generator to switch out with the old one.Otherwise, you will need to adjust your water chemistry to maintain safe and sanitary spa water.

Get more tips on how ozone generators are installed an replaced.

Is an ozonator a worthwhile option?

We think the money you save on chemicals along with the time you save on maintenance makes an ozone generator a great option.

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