Spa Frog - Natural Solutions for Spa Water

Spa Frog - Natural Solutions for Spa Water

Spa Frog - Natural Solutions for Spa Water

One thing people complain about when using hot tubs is sitting in chemically treated water.Unfortunately, chemical sanitizers are necessary to kill bacteria in order to keep the spa water safe.

There are ways you can reduce the amount of chemicals you use.Minerals, enzymes and Frog systems help keep your spa water clean and let you reduce chemical usage.

Hot tub mineral sticks and sanitizer

Benefits of Using Minerals in Hot Tub Water

Minerals kill bacteria, but they cannot be used entirely on their own.You still need to use either chlorine or bromine (never both!).

However, if you use minerals, you will need 50% or less of the harsh chemicals.

Using spa minerals will also make it easier to keep your water pH balanced.Water will look clearer and be easier to maintain.This means fewer shock treatments or pH balancing chemicals. 

When your water is balanced, it also helps protect your expensive spa equipment.

The main thing you will notice when bathing in water that has been treated with minerals is that both the water and your skin feel softer.Mineral solutions are easier on your skin and your nose – since there are fewer odors.

Some people confuse salt water systems with mineral systems.Salt systems convert salt into chlorine similar to the chlorine you purchase.It can cause corrosion issues with equipment and require more maintenance.Mineral systems turn the hot tub water into mineral water.

There are several different mineral systems on the market.

Some spa manufacturers are now building in-line mineral systems that work with the spa’s plumbing.Even if you don’t have a built in system, you can still benefit from mineral purifiers by purchasing floating systems or mineral sticks.There are several brands including Leisure Time, Nature 2 and Spa Frog.Spa Frog specializes in mineral purification.

Spa Frog In-Line system

Several hot tub manufacturers have built the Spa Frog system directly into their spas that hold up to 600 gallons of water.For the in-line systems, a cartridge basket, containing one bromine and one mineral cartridge, is built into the hot tub’s plumbing.Both the mineral and bromine cartridges can be easily replaced in minutes with these systems.In general, you can expect the mineral cartridges to last at least 4 months and the bromine cartridges for around 3 weeks.This, of course, will vary depending on the size of your hot tub, how often it is used, etc.

Add On Options

If you do not have an in-line system, you can purchase a Spa Frog Floating system.This contains a bromine and a mineral cartridge in a floating holder, which can simply be placed in the spa water.The other option is a Spa Frog Mineral Stick, which can be placed inside your spa filter or compartment.The stick will work like the cartridge and also lasts up to 4 months.

Spa Frog Test Strips

We recommend purchasing Spa Frog water test strips so you can maintain the correct levels of chlorine or bromine.With the Frog mineral purifiers, you will generally need about 50% less of the chemical sanitizer, so it is best to use these test strips to get the water chemistry right.

We highly recommend the mineral purification treatments.You will love the way the water feels and how it makes your skin softer.It also makes water maintenance easier and reduces chemical odors.

Hot Tub Outpost carries all of the above mineral purifiers.

We offer everything at a discount and ship for free in the continental USA for orders over $95.

We also sell the replacement bromine cartridges for the Frog spa care system.

See all of our mineral products here.

11th Aug 2016 Hot Tub Outpost

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