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Charmed FIR Mini Far Infrared Mat

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Charmed FIR mini is a Far infrared radiant heat mat that applies local deep heating.

Advantages of the Charmed FIR mini mat vs a high end infrared sauna is that the price is lower, although there are entry level infrared saunas from $1,100 and up here at Hot Tub Outpost.  Some sauna owners can augment their infrared applications by using this portable device when not at home or for more focussed relief.

BioMat Radiant Heat MatThis mat is portable and can be moved easily from place to place, taken on trips and allow for treatment anywhere.  It is also compact so does not take up much space in the home.

This mat provides direct heat wherever you need it.  There is about 6 lbs. of Amethyst throughout the mat.

Laying on the mat does wonders for pain relief especially during acute pain episodes.

Charmed FIR Features

  • Exterior fabric is cotton and polyester.
  • Deep penetrating therapeutic heat relieves chronic pain
  • All natural crystalline produces negative ions
  • Compact and portable with handled carrying case included
  • One year warranty from date of purchase -  replacement parts always available

Enjoy better health naturally!  Charmed FIR can help increase circulation, improve the immune system, ease joint pain, help with stress reduction, improves skin tone and also can increase metabolism - some of the same benefits that infrared saunas provide.

Biomat bottomAlways drink water before and after Charmed FIR use and follow all instructions and read all health disclaimers at button above prior to purchase.  Read the positive reviews of this Charmed FIR Mini mat at the button above. 

For best results, use the Charmed FIR mat several times a week for 1 hour or more while sitting or lying down and select a temperature that is right for you.  This device can be used overnight at lower temperature settings.  This item is the Charmed FIR brand.

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