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Far Infrared Mineral Heat Lamp Floor Model

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KS-9800 Infrared Heat and Stand

This infrared heat lamp comes with a stand and the controls are built into the stand as well.  There are adjustments and the TDP head is detachable.

Can be used while lying down as well by adjusting the height and tilt of the lamp on the stand.

Works with standard 110-120 volt power plug at 220 watts.

ks9800 controlThe lamp does take 15-20 minutes to warm up.

  • TDP Heat Lamps are medical devices classified as far-infrared heating devices by the U.S. FDA.
  • The heat produced by our Infrared heat lamp does not utilize high heating temperature, yet still allows excellent infrared penetration through the skin.
  • TDP works with coil heat and a mineral plate (no light bulb needed).
  • The Mineral Plate (6.5" in diameter, life span of up to 1,500 hrs) emits Far Infrared Rays when heated.
  • Please wait at least 15-20 minutes for heat. Typical treatment sessions should last a minimum of 40 min per area.
  • Detachable head - simply unplug the cord that connects the head and the main frame when replacing.

Infrared Heat Lamp Model KS9800Notes from provider:

1) Please note that the heat lamp will take approximately 15 minutes to warm up. After preheating for 15 minutes, please allow an additional 5 minutes for the temperature to increase.

2) As a general guideline, the distance between the treatment surface and the heating head should be approximately 8-10 inches. Actual positioning of the TDP head may be adjusted to reach the desired level of heat. Do not position the lamp head too close to the skin.

3) A minimum of 40 minutes per treatment session on the targeted area is recommended. Note that the treatment time for a given session may vary depending on the condition being treated.

4) The heat lamp only provides warmth for therapeutic heat treatments. Please do not expect a higher temperature range as higher temperatures may cause the skin to overheat and burn. Higher temperature ranges will not increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

6 Months Limited Warranty of Parts and Labor Only. See details at link above.

Package weight: 21 lbs, package dimension: (23 x 16 x 11)

*Please consult with doctor before use.



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