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Chlorine Starter Kit Spa Breeze Hot Tub Chemicals

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  • Chlorine Starter Kit Spa Breeze Hot Tub Chemicals
  • Chlorine based starter kit hot tub chemical set.


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Starter hot tub spa chemical and maintenance kit including chlorine sanitizer for a chlorine based sanitizing solution.

Note: This kit can only ship to Iowa, Illinois or Wisconsin.  For other states, see our wide range of spa chemicals.

We also offer a FULL SIZE Chlorine based chemical kit with full-sized bottles instead of starter size bottles.

Chlorine starter kit uses chlorine as the main sanitizer. 

We also offer a bromine starter kit if you want to use bromine instead of chlorine as the main sanitizer in your hot tub. 

Never mix chlorine and bromine but select a program that uses either chlorine or bromine as the main sanitizer.

Depending on where you live, the water you use to fill your spa may be filled with many minerals and metals which will influence the chemicals needed to maintain proper water chemistry. 

This starter chemical set for spas is what you will need to begin with a regular routine that will leave your water clean and clear.  Additional products are available for calcium hardness, metals and total alkalinity issues for your particular water if needed.


This spa chemical starter kit has all of the essentials for spa start-up and maintenance:

  • 16 oz Chlor 62 granular
  • 1 pt First Step
  • 1 lb Refresh
  • 1 lb pH Up
  • 1.5 lb pH Down
  • 1 pt Sparkle
  • 10 Test Strips 4-in-1

Now shipping the new line of Swim N Spa chemicals.

These set of spa products can also be purchased individually here at Hot Tub Outpost.

Not all hot tub chlorine is the same. Did you know that Chlor 62 is more concentrated than some of the other granular chlorine products sold out there.  Rest assured this product has been formulated by the manufacturer for hot tub use.

Included in this hot tub chlorine chemical kit are:

Chlor 62
Quality granular chlorine for your hot tub.  Chlor 62 sanitizer

First Step
Prevents scaling and used when refilling spa.

Non-chlorine shock treatment used weekly to keep bromine levels activated

ph Up and Down
Adjust pH as needed to keep it between 7.2-7.6

Sparkle Clarifier
Keeps the water crystal clear. Combines and eliminates particulates out of the water.

Spa Test Strips
10 Test strips to measure pH, alkalinity and chlorine or bromine levels. (or get test strips individually in 50-packs)


Chlor62 and Refresh are part of the Chlorine starter kit

Try Monday Wednesday Friday Program hot tub chemical care

The Monday, Wednesday Friday water care program allows for complete control over the spa water chemistry through a regular and easy to follow water maintenance program. Whether using chlorine or bromine as the main sanitizer, following the Mon-Wed-Fri program takes just 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week and the water will be clear and safe.


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