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Del Solar Eclipse SES-26-02 Ozone UV Coast

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  • SES-26
  • SES ozonator
  • ozone and UVC
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This is the latest version Del Ozone Spa Solar Eclipse ozone plus UV- Sanitation unit as used in Coast Spas, Master Spas and other brand spas.

Operates at 230v and can be used internationally as it is 50hz/60hz compatible.  0.22 amps.

This combo unit helps get rid of microorganisms in the spa water as well as non-organic contaminants.

Combines Ozone and UV-C to produce the optimum oxidative reaction AOP.  Helps reduce chlorine dependence by breaking down microorganisms and chloramines as well as to oxidize non-organic contaminants.

Environmentally friendly as only leaves oxygen as the by-product of the process.

Lead time on this item can be 5-8 days.

 SES-26-02 SES-26-O2 Ozone and UV-C.

Includes the parts bag with check valve, AMP plug and tubing,



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