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Dura-Jet 4Hp 2-speed 230v Dimension One Reflection Spa Pump DJAAYGB-3113

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Currently unavailable,  see 4239210

Balboa Dura-Jet DJ 4 Hp 2-speed 230v 10.7/3.3 amp is a DJ Dura Jet Series Spa Pump used in Dimension One Reflection Spa late 1998 to current, Californian (2002), other D1 spas and in select Great Lakes Spa models by Emerald Spas.

This 4 HP replacement 230 volt, 2 speed hot tub pump replaces Sta-Rite and Dura-Jet models DJAAYGB-3113.  Though it is labelled 4HP (brake torque horsepower) , it is closer to 2 1/2 HP continuous duty based on the Amp rating of 10.7 amps on high speed.

This replacement spa pump features:

  • 2" Suction Port
  • 2"  Discharge Port
  • 48 frame pump
  • 10.7 high speed amps
  • 3.3 low speed amps
  • 2-Speed pump
  • 230 volts
  • 3 1/16" inlet and outlet diameter actual measurement to line up to 2 Inch Plumbing
  • 3 O'Clock rotated wet end (can be adjusted if needed)  - if substituting a different pump, most pump wet ends can be rotated to create the same configuration)
  • Carbon ceramic seal with Viton elastomers

It has 2 inch intake and 2" discharge threaded connections.

  • 4HP
  • 2-Speed
  • 230V
  • Class F insulation

Balboa Dura Jet Spa Pump 4 HP 2 Speed 230V (DJAAYGB-3113).

Also a replacement option for 01562-23A - in that case, the wet end may need to be rotated/position of volute changed.

This comes with the wet end mounted in the 3 o'clock position for lining up to your plumbing.

Currently unavailable ,  see 4239210

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