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Four Winds Spa Replacement Parts

four winds spa parts

Replacement parts for Four Winds Spas

four winds lounger spaFour Winds Spas has been manufacturing hot tubs from their Smyrna, Tennessee location for over 2 decades. These hot tubs are CE and ETL listed, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  

Four Winds manufactures hydrotherapeutic spas, hot tubs and swim spas, which are sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, South America and Mexico.

Four Winds has 4 lines of spas, ranging from the budget price Storm Series, to the mid range Tropical and Cyclone Series, to their luxury line - the Typhoon Series. They also carry 5 models in their XL Swim Spa Series.

Four Winds uses spa parts from many of the top manufacturers including Balboa, Aristech Acrylics, Waterway and Lucite.

Hot Tub Outpost carries all the major pumps, blowers, heaters, replacement jets, spa packs and spa part brands including Waterway, Balboa, Filbur, Gecko, Pleatco, Poolmaster, Hydro Air, Flo-master, Hydroquip, Tecmark and others.

We also carry the biggest selection of spa accessories including filters, covers, ozonators, chemicals, test strips, mineral sticks, steps, rails, cover lifters and backyard accessories. 

Four Winds Controls

Some spa control panels used in Four Winds spas include the Balboa MVP260 and VL600 panels for VS501Z system and VL406U panel for VS300 system.

four winds control panels saleWe also offer the ML700 and ML900 Balboa control panels used in the Balboa EL systems.  Need a Balboa Lite Digital control used in SUV M7 and VS501Z spa packs? We have those too.

Control Panel Modes (Four Winds - Balboa) include:
ST = Standard mode – maintains spa set temperature and filters during cycles.
EC = Economy mode – only heats during the programmed filter cycles.
SL = Sleep mode – Maintains 20º below set temperature during the filtration modes.

We offer complete Balboa spa packs, topside controls and many of the Four Winds circuit boards including ones that fit in the VS, GS and EL series.  Popular VS control spa packs include the EL 8KP5 and EL 2KM3 and the VS300 and VS501.  The spas with 3 pumps may have EL2KM3 or EL8KP4/EL8KP5 packs.

Note that the spa paks use the SC30 or SLC30 30 amp fuses.

Newer Four Winds spas use the new Balboa BP spa pack system and the GL 2001 system.  Your BP501 or BP2000 spa pack may still be under manufacturer's warranty.

The 120 volt plug & play spas use VS100 spa packs.  SUV packs are also popular (M7).

We offer various circuit boards for the Balboa-Four Winds Spa controller system.  Before replacing a circuit board, be certain the 3/10 amp fuse sometimes found on the board (main safety fuse) which protects the circuit board from miswiring it, is working and that any buss fuses are all good.

Replacement Filter Cartridges for Four Winds  spas.

Replacement filters include 35 sq.ft. and 50 sq.ft. filter cartridges.

A popular 35 sq.ft. filter is the 9 1/4" long 5" wide PRB35 filter type with center hole.

A 50 sq.ft. cartridge similar/compatible to FW6029 is the FC2390 50 sq.ft. filter.

Some spa filters used in Four Winds hot tubs have a bottom threaded connector instead of the open connector like the two filters above. The ones with the threads are 35 sq.ft., 50 sq.ft. and 75 sq.ft. filters.

There is also a large 100 sq.ft. cartridge that is 17 13/16" long (like FW6040).

Plumbing Parts for Four Winds spas

Replacement plumbing parts include manifolds, slice valves, tee fittings and unions.

Spa Jets

Replacement jets and jet parts include those by CMP and Waterway.  Some jets are proprietary and only available through Four Winds.

Replacement Spa Pumps

5hp viper pumpsPopular pump models include the 4 HP single and dual speed Sta-Rite/Pentair pumps.  Waterway 12 amp 56 frame 2 speed pumps are also widely used.

5HP Viper 56 frame pump 230v AquaFlo replacement 2 speed pump with 2 1/2 inch unions. These go by FW7000, FW7001 and FW7002 depending on how the wet end is turned.  Wet end can be rotated in 90 degree increments - it is all the same pump.

1 1/2HP 2 speed FloMaster HP and XP2 48 frame 120v pump by AquaFlo (goes by FW7003) and also 551521.

Aquaflo Circ Pump FloMaster CP is also used for 24 hour circulation (1speed) -some circ pumps also used 1/16HP Emerson motors.

fourwinds corner pillow trilogyFour Winds Spa Pillows

See our collection of replacement pillows for Four Winds spas here.

Not sure which pillows you need?
Send pictures and/or dimensions of the spa pillows you need to and we will send you back details about the part numbers/availability/pricing and links to order.

This pillow is, for example, a corner wrap around pillow found in the Trilogy and other models. 

Four Winds Spas

The Four Winds Storm Series of spas are their value priced units. The smallest is a corner, 2 person spa with 1 pump and 18 jets named the FW100, measuring 73" x 73" x 33". The 3 person, rectangular spa, the FW200, has 1 pump and 19 jets, measuring 82" x 29" x 31".   The FW300 is a 72" x 66" x 31" spa with room for 3, 18 jets and 1 pump. The largest spa is the FW400, with room for 4 in a 72" x 66" x 31" shell, with 18 Max Pro jets and 1 spa pump.

There are 9 spas in the Four Winds Tropical Spa Series.The smallest is the Aruba, with room for 2 in a 73" x 73" x 33" corner shell, with 22 Max Pro Jets, 1 Master Blaster Massager and 1 spa pump. The Trilogy Spa has room for 3 in a rectangular lounger spa measuring 83" x 66" x 33", with 38 spa jets and 1 pump. The Lanai Spa also has room for 3 in a smaller 72" x 66" x 33" shell, with 1 pump and 22 massage jets.   The Baja Spa is also 83" x 66" x 33" with room for 4 since there is no lounger. This spa has 24 Max Pro Jets and 1 spa pump. The Kauai is a larger spa for 6 without a lounger. This 83" x 66" x 33" hot tub has 1 spa pump and 46 spa jets. The Pearl is a 77" x 77" x 36" square spa with 1 pump, a lounger and 30 massage jets. The 5 person Cabo spa is a larger 83" x 83" x 36" hot tub with a lounge seat, 1 spa pump and 46 massage jets. The deeper Cozumel model has room for 6, with a lounge seat, 35 jets, 1 pump and a sizeable foot well. The dimensions are 84" x 78" x 39". The Bahama model has the same dimensions as the Cozumel, but no lounge seat. There is room for 6 people and it is equipped with 35 hydro therapy jets and 1 spa pump.

Four Wind's Cyclone Series also has 9 spa modelss, many of which are upgraded versions of the Tropical spa series.  The Trilogy II has upgrades which include 2 spa pumps, 1 Master Blaster jet and 38 Max Pro massage jets. The Kaui II has 46 spa jets, a cascading waterfall and 2 spa pumps. The Cabo II has 2 pumps and 46 massage jets including neck jets; plus a waterfall and 2 water show fountains. The Cozumel II features 42 jets, 2 spa pumps and a water show fountain. The Bahama II has 41 spa jets, a water fountain and 2 pumps. Additional spas in this series include the following models: The Titanium II spa is 84" x 84" x 36" with a lounge seat, room for 5, 2 spa pumps, 46 spa jets including neck and foot massage jets plus 1 Master Blaster jet. The Honolulu II is a 5 person 90" x 90" x 37" spa with a cascading waterfall, 2 water fountains, a foot dome, lounge seat, 2 spa pumps and 52 massage jets. The Grand Bahama II is a popular spa with 53 max pro jets, foot dome, deep seating, waterfall, show fountains and 2 pumps in a 90" x 90" x 37" shell.  The Caribbean II spa has room for 5 in a 91" x 91" x 37" shell with 2 spa pumps, 1 Master Blaster and 60 Max Pro jets, plus a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled sound system and LED lights.

Four Wind's Premiere Series features some models that are similar to those in the Cyclone Series, but with additional upgrades including the Green Energy Retention System, the 360 Degree Filtration System, plus a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stereo module. The Honolulu III has the same layout and features as the Honolulu II, but with 3 spa pumps and 75 Max Pro jets. The Grand Bahama III adds on additional standard features including a total of 74 Max Pro jets and 3 dual speed spa pumps. The Caribbean III spa has upgraded features including 2 Master Blaster massagers and 84 Max Pro jets, plus 3 dual speed pumps. The Maui III spa features 3 x 5.0 HP dual speed pumps, 1 Master Blaster massage jet and 68 Max Pro jets in a 84" x 84" x 36" shell. The Oahu III is a 6 person, 83" x 83" x 36" non-lounger spa with 1 Master Blaster and 67 Max Pro jets and 3 dual speed spa pumps. The Utopia III is a 7 person, 98" x 92" x 40" hot tub with 2 semi-lounge seats, 80 Max Pro jets, 3 dual speed pumps and deep seating.  The Cancun III spa fits 5 persons i and features a dual lounger, 91" x 91" x 38" shell, with 1 Master Massage and 54 Max Pro jets plus 3 dual speed spa pumps.

Four Winds has 5 models in their XL Swim Spa Series. The XL 12000 swim spa is 140" x 90" x 55", including a spa end with seating for 3 and 26 jets, plus a river jet for swimming against the current in the swimmer's area. It has 1 Viper and 1 Ultra spa pumps. The XL 14000 swim spa is 168" x 90" x 55" with seating for 4 persons, 26 Max Pro jets and 3 river jets for a superior current. This swim spa has 3 Viper and 1 Ultra spa pumps, plus a flexible rod and harness system for swim training.

The XL14000R swim spa is the same size but has 1 Viper pump and 1 River Jet. The XL 16000 swim spa is 191" x 90" x 55" with seating for 4 persons, 29 massage and 3 River Jets plus a larger swimming area. The XL 19000 is Four Wind's dual zone swim spa measuring 91" x 162" x 55". The spa area has divided controls to regulate separate temperatures and power to either spa zone within the 19 foot area, along with 24 Max Pro jets and 6 Turbo jets, 2 Viper Pumps and 1 Ultra spa pump.

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