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Gecko S-Class Spa Pack 4kw Heater No Connector 0202-205212

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gecko open boxDISCONTINUED - see control system BDLYJ3K300

Gecko S-Class spa pak 0202-205212 with 4kw heater. and no connectors The pack model 0202-205212 is SC-CF-P12-O-CP-LH-H4.0-U-GE1 spa pack controller for spa S-CLASS type with outputs: pump 1 with 2 speeds 240V, circulation pump 120V, ozonator 120V, (every output's voltage can be reconfigured), heater 4.0kw, no connector, works with keypad TSC-9, TSC-18 or TSC-19.


SSPA pack comes with 10 foot long temperature sensor and 2 foot long hi limit sensor for the heater to protect against overheat conditions.  Also comes with heater gaskets for the 4kw heater.

This version does not have any receptacle/plug type of connectors because you can use the existing receptacles from the old pack, or in some cases the cables connect directly to the circuit board inside the control box.

Pumps come configured for 240 volt operation, but can be configured to work at 120v.  Also supports a 24/7 circulation pump and ozonator.

No connector means Does Not Use Connector, Connects Directly to PWA/circuit board.

Spa Pack Replacement
When replacing a spa pack, be sure to turn power off before beginning.  The pack will slide out of the heater barrel.  The high limit sensor should be in its slot, then slide new replacement spa pack into position. Connect the heater to the circuit board blades without bending or twisting the end of the element. Reconnect the heater ground cable and the pressure switch cables and reconnect the light cables, temperature probe and control panel cable.  Plug in the pumps, blower, ozone generator and then reconnect the power input cables.  Close the control box cover and enjoy your new spa pack.

Works with one of the following keypads (keypad not included):

9-18-19 keypads Gecko


SC-MP Features

Automatic time-out on all outputs
3-digit LED display
Digital temperature display
Sensor failure detection
Ozone management
Air channel clean-out
Programmable filter cycles
High-limit protection
Pressure switch failure detection
Current limiting option
Smart Winter Mode
Temp. accuracy within ± 1°F
CoolRays and fiber light compatible
Overheat, over-temp protection
Filter cycle over-temp protection
CE & AS version available

SC-MP Input

120 V
240 V

SC-MP Outputs

Pump1 (dual-speed 115v/220v)
Pump 2 (single-speed 115v/220v)
Circ Pump ready (optional 115v/230v)
Heater 4kw (or 1 kw at 120v)
Fiber box


s class pack

Note when replacing older system with AMP receptacles, you will need to re-use the AMP receptacles from the old pack.

This 0202-205212 is same as/identical to 3-72-7060.  S-CLASS SC-CF-P12-O-CP-LH-H4.0-U-GE1

This SCLASS pack replaces part numbers 0202-205001 , 0202-205006 , 0202-205007 , 0202-205009 , 0202-205014 , 0202-205016 , 0202-205019 , 0202-205021 , 0202-205023 , 0202-205033 , View More 0202-205035 , 0202-205037 , 0202-205047 , 0202-205049 , 0202-205050 , 0202-205051 , 0202-205052 , 0202-205055 , 0202-205060 , 0202-205061 , 0202-205066 , 0202-205073 , 0202-205077 , 0202-205078 , 0202-205081 , 0202-205099 , 0202-205100 , 0202-205108 , 0202-205112 , 0202-205119 , 0202-205129 , 0202-205212 , 0202-207001 , 0202-207003 , 0202-207006 , 0202-207007 , 202205212 , 3-72-7006 , 3-72-7007 , 3-72-7009 , 3-72-7021 , 3-72-7025 , 3-72-7048 , 3-72-7070 , 3-72-7100 , BDL205212K9GE1 and BDLSCTSC9.  Replaces 3-72-7060 

Can be used to replace the discontinued Baja Spa Command Center spa pack.

For retrofitting select Nordic Warrior models, you will need to reuse the existing AMP cord receptacles when using this 0202-205212 as a replacement.

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Warranty Information

2 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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