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Gecko S-Class Spa Pak No Heater JJ Connectors 0202-205209

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  • S-Class Pack no heater Gecko 0202-205209
  • with sensor
  • 0202-205209
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Gecko S-Class spa pak controller without heater 0202-205209.

Model SC-MP-P121-P211-01-CP1-NE-LS-HR-JJC-SBD1 spa pak controller for spa S-CLASS type with outputs: pump 1 with 2 speeds 120V, pump 2 with 1 speed 120V, optional circ pump 120V, ozonator 120V, (every output's voltage can be reconfigured), remote heater, connector JJM, works with keypads TSC-9, TSC-18, TSC-19 and TSC-35 .

Free shipping in the continental USA on this S-Class SSPA control system less heater.  Has mini J&J receptacles. Cords and control panel sold separately.

This pack can be used in older model Artesian spas such as Santa Cruz with discontinued spa packs that use low flow, 24 hour circulation systems.

Includes sensor and light cords.

Compatible with 0202-205068 , 0202-205070 , 0202-205071 , 0202-205072 , 0202-205088 , 0202-205107 , 0202-205117 , 0202-205137 , 0202-205209 , 0202-205213 , 3-72-7016 , 3-72-7032 , 3-72-7127 and 9735-124 models.

This spa pack controller operates: Pump 1 - 2-Speed, Pump 2 - 1-Speed, air blower, circulation pump, ozonator and an aux input.

It has JJM receptacle types. (mini J and J).

Support Number of Equipment
Eqpt #1 2-spd Pump 115v/230v
Eqpt #2 1-spd Pump 115v/230v
Eqpt #3 Blower 115v/230v
Manufacturer Gecko
Model S-Class
Heater Not Included
Not Included
Circ Pump Ready Yes 115v/230v
Supply Voltage 115v/230v


Replaces old, discontinued Fish style control systems as used in Artesian spas and other brand hot tubs.

When using this spa pack to replace discontinued Elite, Maax or older style s-class spa packs also need to get the control panel BDLTSC35GE1.
When replacing older systems, the new configuration requires different jumper settings and the other differences are Economy mode not supported, no more clock, no more suspend mode.

Heater and topside sold separately with options:

9920-100339 Heater

0202-007140 K-19 - obsolete so use  0202-007143 K-35 = bdltsc35ge1


Replaces 58-337-1272,Gecko S-Class Spa Pak No Heater JJ Connectors,3-72-7075,3-72-7128,3-72-7065,3-72-7065, 3-72-7074,0202-205162,GK0202205209,0202205209,0202-205068,0202-205070,0202-205071,0202-205072,0202-205088,0202-205107,0202-205117,0202-205137,0202-205154,0202-205209, 0202-205213,0202-209027,0202-209028, 0202-209029,3-72-7016, 3-72-7032,3-72-7033,3-72-7066,3-72-7071,3-72-7075, 3-72-7093,3-72-7094,3-72-7127,3-72-7128,3-72-7129,3-72-7146,3-72-7159

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