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Hawkeye Barefoot Spa Pillow S01894SIL 2 Pins Ledge

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  • Hawkeye Barefoot spa pillow
  • Hawkeye Barefoot Spa Pillow S01894SIL 2 Pins Ledge
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Hawkeye Barefoot Spa Pillow S01894SIL with 2 Pins in back is a Ledge Style pillow with 2 pins.  This pillow type may also retrofit older and discontinued style pillows.

Medium gray pillow with large curve for lounger and has 2 pins in back replaces the discontinued silver pillow.  The pins are about 9 inches apart.

We also offer several other Hawkeye Spa pillows including the long wrap pillow with 3 pins S01500SIL and the neck pillow S01995SIL.

This is a gray non-logo pillow. (Photo uses a Hot Tub Outpost watermark, but there is no logo on the actual pillow)

To retrofit older style pillows that have bumps in the back, you may need to remove the 2 pins for this pillow to sit correctly. It will stay since it is a ledge type pillow and does not need the pins to stay in place where ledge type pillows are used.

Color is medium gray.

Color is medium gray (not the older style light gray).  Matches color of  neck pillow S01995SIL and other new Hawkeye Spa pillows.

(This ledge pillow is the lower pillow in photo)

pillows hawkeye gray

Back of these pillows looks like this: (this ledge pillow has a two pins in back)

Top length                   : 16”

Width                            :  6”

Pin, center to center   : 9 ½”

This is the longer flat pillow with 2 pins in back S01894SIL..

back of pillows pins

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Warranty Information

Pillows are not warranted - maintaining proper water balance extends pillow life.
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    Perfect Replacement

    Posted by Kate Horutz on 20th May 2020

    This is perfect for my Hawkeye Spa. After 6 years, my pillows were worn.

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