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Hot Tub FAQ

Here are some frequently asked Hot Tub Outpost questions:

Q:  How long will it take until I get the hot tub I order?
A:  If the hot tub is listed as a "Quick Ship" unit, then that means you did not have much choice in terms of color or accessories and those units are already pre-built and usually in stock.  Quick ship spas will be shipped out, usually within 48 hours of your order payment and order confirmation.  For made-to-order spas that are built to your specifications, selected color and include custom accessories, production time may be up to 4 weeks plus shipping time.  Shipping time will vary depending on how far you are away from the main factory in Iowa.

See the hot tub pre-delivery guide for details on how to prepare for the arrival of your spa.

Q:  Can you make a video about troubleshooting 120 volt plug and play spas?
A:  Here ya go!

Q:  Do you offer hot tub parts not listed on your website?
A:  Yes, we access thousands of hot tub parts from brand name manufacturers such as Waterway, Balboa, Gecko, Aquaflo and other well known spa part brands.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will rustle up a quote for you asap.

Q:  I've got an XYZ Hot Tub - do you have parts for it?
A:  Most likely yes, we offer thousands of hot tub parts from brand name manufacturers such as Waterway, Balboa, Gecko, Aquaflo and other well known spa part brands that XYZ may have used in the construction of their spas.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will rustle up a quote for you asap. We even offer proprietary parts from many hot tub manufacturers.  Since Hot Tub Outpost has the largest selection of hot tub parts online, you may not see the part you need but we'll help you find it - just send a message or email for a speedy response. We know you want to get back to enjoying your hot tub.

Q: Do you share my personal information with other companies and do you store my credit card details?
A: For the long-winded answer you can see our privacy policy and terms and conditions, for the short answer: Nope and absolutely not!
Here at Hot Tub Outpost, we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We never give or sell your personal information to third parties and never add your email address to any of their lists.  We also never collect credit card information as it is securely passed on right to the payment processor, never stored on our servers. So even if those varmint hackers come a callin' (our sheriffs are on duty 24/7), they won't find your credit card data because we never store it.

Q: What is the range of hot tub prices?
A: Spas can range from about $500 to $10,000 or more depending on a wide variety of considerations.  Learn more about hot tub prices and pick the one that suits your budget and needs.

Q:  The Aux button doesn't work on my plug and plays 120 volt spa
A:  On the plug and play spas, there is an extra Aux button reserved for future upgrades and has no function.

Q:  My spa doesn't start up
A:  See the video above.

Q:  What are some hot tub benefits?
A:  Hot tub benefits include health, well-being, muscle relaxation and a wide variety of lifestyle improvements.  Read more about hot tub benefits for athletes and insomnia sufferers.

Hot Tub Parts and Supplies FAQ

Q: When will I receive my items?
A:  For in-stock items, we generally ship next business day.  Your order status will only be updated once your item ships, but if there is an issue, we will send you a message.  You can log in to your account at any time to check the order status or send a message. You can also send a message by email to for a speedy response.  In the case of in-stock spa covers, they usually ship within 2-3 business days.  For custom covers, allow 2-3 weeks to produce the cover plus shipping time.  Have a question about the lead time on a particular product? Email us for a fast response - it's usually faster than calling so you won't have to wait on hold and listen to both kinds of music: Country & Western.

Q: What is your shipping or return policy?
A: See our shipping policy.  Return most items unused within 30 days subject to posted refund policy (less shipping). See the shipping and returns page for details.

Q: Why should I buy from Hot Tub Outpost?
A: Have you seen our video yet? It's on the Why Buy from Hot Tub Outpost page. Feel free to sing along to the HTO song.  We aim to offer you the best quality, brand name replacement parts, accessories and supplies with fast and often factory-direct shipping so you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub.

Hot Tub Buying FAQ

Q: I am looking for a 6 Person Hot Tub and am at the start of my search, how do I narrow down my choices?
If you buy from a company/manufacturer that has been in business for decades, chances are you will be able to solve any problems you do have with the spa because there will be a strong company backing the spa.  So now that you are with the right manufacturer/company, let's start narrowing down your hot tub choices:

Frst you can narrow down the type of spa by deciding:

1) Lounger or Non-Lounger    
The lounger takes up the space of 2 seats, but allows for a full recline.  Some like the lounger as an alternative seat for raising legs and massaging leg and calf muscles, others prefer more room for seating. 

2)  Air blower/system or just straight water massage jets.   
The air blower provides a separate air pump that creates the champagne-like bubbles. They don't really massage, but provide that bubbling sensation in addition to the water jets.  QCA Spas higher end tubs use a turbo boost where the air from the blower can be routed to the water jets, dramatically increasing the flow for a powerful massage.  Most other air systems rely on individual jet venturi - the injection of standing air into the water for a more mild flow boost.  The blower can be operated by itself or in combination with the water jet pumps. Many spas do not have a blower and arguments against them are that they may be noisy and the real massage comes from the water jets, not the air injectors.  The choice is up to the individual, but expect to pay more for a hot tub with a blower and air manifold system.

3) Number of Jets - the more jets, the more expense.  Once a certain threshold is reached, as second pump is used/needed to provide equal power to all of the jets.  So a spa with 70 jets would have 2 jet pumps, increasing the cost.

4) Size of Spa:  Knowing the number of jets, lounger/non-lounger will help settle on size of spa.  A 6 person spa should be at least 82" wide.

5) Accessories:  LED lighting (either a single light bulb, or perimeter and underwater lighting) can be added for ambience.    A sound system can be added, although a patio sound system is fine, depending on your neighbors.  QCA Spas offers a Vibrasound system in the high end spas complete with built in subwoofer and 4 transducers instead of speakers so the entire spa shell becomes the speaker - as a result, sound is dispersed evenly all around the spa, not blasting from a single speaker behind someone's head.  The sound carrying to the neighbors is also reduced, so it sounds nice in the spa while not being too loud outside, with optional 2 speakers in the cabinet that can provide a patio sound if needed.  See the full range of QCA Spa accessories here.

5)  Other factors - hard cover is included. An ozonator can be added to reduce the bromine or chlorine sanitizer needed to keep the water maintained.  Some spas even come with an optional bromine salt system.  If you want to add a salt system to any of our spas, and the option does not show available, contact us as we can custom order/build almost any spa for you.  So first it is best to figure out what size/type of spa would meet your particular requirements, then further narrow down based on needed features.

More FAQ Questions:

Q: What options or accessories are available for QCA Spas?
A:  Some of the hot tub options include stainless steel jets, ozonator, LED lighting,sound packages and cover variations.

Q:  I found a QCA Spa hot tub not listed on your site, can I still order it?
A:  Yep, as a factory authorized QCA Spas distributor, we can offer you any spa type made by QCA Spas.

Q:  We found an item cheaper online than yours?
A:  Dang Nabbit, there is always somebody out there offering things on the internet for cheap, cheap, cheap.  We do our best to offer you the lowest prices possible, but if a varmint decides to sell something for even less, we just hope the item being offered is the same. So it must be a new item with a verifyable/advertised price displayed online or in print and sold by an authorized dealer.  Some items may look like a Gucci handbag, but may actually be a Guci.  In the hot tub pump world, this may mean someone is selling a brand name motor but has coupled it with a Chinese imported wet end and is still calling the whole pump by its brand name.  Now that just ain't right - and may even be downright misleading.  At Hot Tub Outpost, we make every effort to find you the best prices possible on quality replacement hot tub parts and accessories - we also aim to be in business next year and the year after, and whenver you need us in the future.

Q:  What are the electrical installation requirements for a hot tub?
A:  Electrical installation is something best left to a licensed electrician. Read more about hot tub electrical installation.

Q:  What does the Hot Tub Outpost horse eat for breakfast?
A:   Roy the Horse loves the usual assortment of carrots, apples and grain.  You can see him in our videos throughout the site.


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