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Jetted Bathtub Parts Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tub Replacement Controls Jets Pump Part

jacuzzi bathtub with handlesHave a jetted bathtub and you need repair parts to get it working properly?

Hot Tub Outpost carries bathtub replacement parts for Jacuzzi, Whirlpool, Kohler and other brands. Get great prices on jetted bathtub pumps, air buttons, air control knobs, control panels and jets.

Jetted tubs are wonderful upgrades to any ensuite, and offer hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home. However, after years of use, some of the equipment may need to be replaced.

Commonly Replaced Bathtub Parts
The most common items needing repairs are the air control button to start the bubbles; the motor; and the control panel.

Jets also need to be replaced when they stop functioning or blow out. Or sometimes a color change is in order!

Jacuzzi bathtub parts can restore functioning of an older tub but there are many different types of jets and parts so identifying the correct part will depend on many things including measurements, physical description and other identifying characteristics of the part(s) you are looking for.

Many Jacuzzi bathtub owners like to replace all of the jets at the same time - to give the tub a newer appearance and to improve hydro-massage performance. There are white, stainless steel, chrome, brushed nickel, brushed brass, and granite grey jets - made from several manufacturers. You will probably want to exchange the suction cover at the same time to keep everything color matched -but these come with a complete trim kit.  If you just want to order a replacement suction cover, take note of the diameter, color an manufacturer (sometimes this is written on the suction cover itself).

jacuzzi pumps for saleTo order the correct jetted bathtub replacement parts, check to see what make and model tub you have or get the specs or model number from the part(s) you want to replace.

If you can access the pump, you will be able to read the label to see what size/power you need for a replacement. Some whirlpool baths also come with heaters. We sell inline replacement heaters as well as plumbing kits for jetted tubs.

Air Control Buttons

To order the proper air button, you will need to know what size the hole diameter is, as well as the face diameter of the button. Air buttons are available in several colors and configurations.

Learn more about bathtub pump replacement and air switch installation.

Air control knobs will vary based on the manufacturer. For instance, the Jacuzzi air control body valve will not fit other manufacturers. Jacuzzi changed the valve body a few years ago, so you may not be able to find very old styles.

Bathtub Jets

jacuzzi tubs repairTo reorder bathtub jets, note the color (unless you want to change color), the diameter and - if you can remove one - the length of the jet. If you are not sure what to order, send us photos for part matching, as well as the make and model of your jetted tub. Your replacement jet fixtures can be easily inserted directly into your Whirlpool bath (or other manufacturer).

Bathtub Accessories and Fragrance

Did you know that we carry spa aromatherapy crystals and liquids which also work great in jetted bathtubs? Hot Tub Outpost carries the Spazazz, AIRomatherapy and InSPAration brands of spa fragrances that are oil free and specially formulated to leave skin silky smooth - without clogging your jets or damaging your equipment.

Like to read or soak for hours in your whirlpool tub? Try Gorilla Grip Pillows that are waterproof and non-slip to fit in Jacuzzi or other brands of tubs and spas. This soft pillow provides comfortable head, neck and shoulder support and is easy to wipe clean. Hot Tub Outpost carries lots of great accessories for indoor and outdoor water fun!

While working on your tub, clean out the accumulated gunk in the hoses with Ahh Some.

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