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Maax Coleman MXBP20 Control System 110339 Retrofit Kit T8

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This 110339 is a complete spa control system retrofit kit for older Maax Coleman spas.

  • 110339 MXBP20 pack with TP800 topside // Topside control panel is user friendly // Will support up to 3 pumps, a blower, and a 24 hour circ pump

This is a genuine, original replacement part - not a cobbled together OEM kit.

On sale now with Free Shipping.

This Control System 110339 includes:

  • 109320 spa control pack MXBP20 800INC with heater
  • 2 heater unions with gaskets
  • 109244 9 button TP800 control panel
  • Comes with 2 overlays: 109255 and 109253.
  • 109292 universal owners manual
  • Support for a 24-hour circ pump

Spa control pack has BBA capabilities.  Need to add wifi? Get the module 50350 (sold separately as needed).

Use either the 8 button or 9 button overlay depending on the equipment in your spa.


the 9 button panel has an extra button


These fit on the included control panel:



This system is often used in systems that also have a dedicated 24 hour circulation pump.

If no dedicated 24 hour circ pump is present and the main pump 1 (2-speed) does the circulation duty, then see control system 110239 as an option.

Depending on how big the hole is of an original topside control panel that is being replaced, you may also need the topside adapter bezel 110574 to make it look nice with the new control panel.  This bezel accommodates the TP800 type control panel included with this kit when the hole size is larger than needed for this new topside.

Have the old, discontinued control panel and system 103742? This replacement system may be a good option.

Pumps plug directly to circuit board with AMP connectors (equipment cords sold separately as needed, or use existing cords attached to current equipment if they have an AMP style plug)


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