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Pentair Directional High Flow Spa Jet Internal Smooth Silver Gray 94460281 Emerald

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  • luxury directional jet  94460281
  • Directional silver jet
  • Luxury jet back
  • Pentair Jet Barrel Assembly Directional High Flow Smooth Silver 94460281
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Pentair Jet Directional High Flow in smooth silver/gray color model 94460281 has 3 1/2" diameter jet face and is smooth gray design.

This is a luxury jet insert by Pentair/American Products/Balboa Water Group and used in Emerald Spas, Great Lakes spas and by other brand hot tubs.

Balboa /American Products Luxury, Directional, 3-1/2" Face, Smooth, Silver style.

Get all your replacement jets and jet inserts right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

This jet type comes from the Luxury Series and is identical to jet models 94460281 , 9390-030 , 94460281.

Face (front) jet diameter is 3 1/2 inches with a nice large directional jet nozzle. 

This is a snap-in style jet in gray, medium, silver color.

Installation Type Snap In
Manufacturer Balboa Water Group
Jet Part Type Internal
Model Luxury
Face Diameter 3-1/2"
Diffuser Opening Type 5
Nozzle Diameter 1-11/16"
Base Diameter 2-1/8"
Total Length 4-1/2"
Diffuser Length 2-3/4"
Color Silver
Internal Type Directional
Face Style Smooth

The total length is 4 1/2" and the diffuser length is 2 3/4".  This has Adjustable On/Off Control, Clip Ring Holds Eyeball in Jet Face

The roto nozzle version of the jet is also available, see 950381.

Contact us if you need assistance finding different replacement jets. 

We offer this same jet type in white, black as well as in scalloped design instead of this smooth one.  The design is only visual though, so you can interchange smooth jets with scalloped jets and unless a scuba diver is visiting you, you may not even tell the difference if the jet is further underwater - but, since we have them all, why not exchange it with the same type (smooth or textured scalloped). We also offer roto jets instead of this directional jet - again these type are all interchangeable within the same jet family.


1 Jet Intl,BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal, Gray 944601WW
1 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal,White 94460100
1 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal,Blk 94460111
1 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal, Silver 94460181
1 Jet Intl,BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Dir, Smth, Silver 94460281
1 Jet Intl,BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Dir, Smth, Gray 944602WW
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Roto,Textured Scal,Wht 950300
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Roto,Text Scal,Lt Gry 950335
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Roto,Txt Scal, Silver 950381
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Roto, Smth, Slvr 90103181
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Roto, Smth, Lt Gry 90103135
3 Wall Fitting, Balboa Water Group Luxury Jet 47065700
4 Gasket, Balboa Water Group Luxury Jet, Wall Fitting 46135500
5 Jet Body, BWG Luxury, 3/8"b, 3/4"b 47412500
9 Jet Body, BWG Luxury, 1/2"s, 1-1/2"s 47412300
11 Clip Ring, BWG Luxury Jet, w/Spacer, Clr 47230099
11 Clip Ring,BWG Luxury Jet,w/Spacer,White,After 1994 47230000
12 Tool, Wall Fitting, BWG Luxury/Diverter Jet 45271100
  O-Ring, Buna-N, 1-1/2" ID, 1/16"Cross Section,Generic O-285

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