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Pentair Turbo Swirl Jet Emerald Spas Gray 950381 3 1/2 Inch

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  • Luxury jet 950381
  • Pentair Jet Barrel Assembly Turbo Swirl 5 Scallop Emerald gray 950381
  • roto jet
  • roto jet dims
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Pentair Jet Turbo Swirl in 5 Scallop design for Emerald, Great Lakes and Coleman Spas in the gray color model BWG950381,

PEN950381 or 950381 and is used in Emerald, Coleman and Great Lakes hot tubs among others .

This turbo jet insert by Balboa/Pentair has a 3 1/2" diameter jet face and measures 4 1/2 inches front to back. 

Has newer scalloped design but does replace some of the discontinued 3 1/2 Emerald and Great Lakes spa jets.

950381 or PEN950381 also replaces discontinued Maax jet 100602 and the discontinued Cal Spa jet PLU21701270 or CALPLU21701270.

Does not use external o-rings - they are molded into the valve.


Other jets available in this size/type are 950300 and 950311 (just different colors)  white and black.




1 Jet Intl,BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal, Gray 944601WW
1 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal,White 94460100
1 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal,Blk 94460111
1 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Dir,Textured Scal, Silver 94460181
1 Jet Intl,BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Dir, Smth, Silver 94460281
1 Jet Intl,BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Dir, Smth, Gray 944602WW
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Roto,Textured Scal,Wht 950300
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Roto,Text Scal,Lt Gry 950335
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury,3-1/2"fd,Roto,Txt Scal, Silver 950381
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Roto, Smth, Slvr 90103181
2 Jet Intl, BWG Luxury, 3-1/2"fd, Roto, Smth, Lt Gry 90103135
3 Wall Fitting, Balboa Water Group Luxury Jet 47065700
4 Gasket, Balboa Water Group Luxury Jet, Wall Fitting 46135500
5 Jet Body, BWG Luxury, 3/8"b, 3/4"b 47412500
9 Jet Body, BWG Luxury, 1/2"s, 1-1/2"s 47412300
11 Clip Ring, BWG Luxury Jet, w/Spacer, Clr 47230099
11 Clip Ring,BWG Luxury Jet,w/Spacer,White,After 1994 47230000
12 Tool, Wall Fitting, BWG Luxury/Diverter Jet 45271100
  O-Ring, Buna-N, 1-1/2" ID, 1/16"Cross Section,Generic O-285

Replaces American Products 3 1/2 inch roto jets as used in Marquis Spas and other brand hot tubs.

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